How to Convert Image to PDF on iPhone: Quick and Easy Guide

Instasize Team
July 9, 2024

How to Convert Image to PDF on iPhone: Quick and Easy Guide

So, you're trying to figure out how to convert an image to PDF on your iPhone, right? Let's break it down.

Why Convert Image to PDF on iPhone

  • Universal Format: PDFs can be opened on any device. No compatibility issues.
  • Professional Look: PDFs look more professional and clean for official purposes.
  • Easy Sharing: PDFs maintain format and quality when shared.

Using Instasize for Image to PDF Conversion

Picture this: You want to convert an image to PDF without any hassle. Try Instasize. Here's why:

  • Easy Image Resizing: Resize images before converting them to PDF.
  • Cloud Storage: Store your converted PDFs in the cloud and access them anytime.
  • Image Optimization: Ensure your images are optimized for the best PDF quality.

Convert Image to PDF with Instasize

  1. Open Instasize: Install and open the Instasize app.
  2. Select Image: Pick the image you want to convert from your gallery.
  3. Edit Image: Use features like resizing or adding borders to customize your image.
  4. Export as PDF: Tap on export and select PDF format.
  5. Save and Share: Save it to your cloud storage or share it directly.

Using the Files App

  1. Open Photos: Select the photos you want to convert.
  2. Share Option: Tap the share icon, scroll down and tap 'Save to Files.'
  3. Save to Files App: Choose where to save the image in the Files app.
  4. Create PDF: Go to Files app, find your image, long-press, and select 'Create PDF.'

Using the Notes App

  1. Open Notes App: Create a new note.
  2. Add Image: Tap the camera icon to insert an image.
  3. Share Note: Tap the share icon and select 'Send a Copy.'
  4. Convert to PDF: Choose 'Markup' and then tap 'save PDF to Files.'

Using Third-Party Apps

There are plenty of third-party apps that can help you convert images to PDFs. Try these:

  • Adobe Scan: Fast and reliable for multiple images.
  • Scanner Pro: Great for batch scanning and PDF conversion.
  • Tiny Scanner: Quick and easy to use.

FAQs: Converting Image to PDF on iPhone

Q: Can I convert multiple images into a single PDF? A: Yes, apps like Adobe Scan and Scanner Pro can do this.

Q: Is there a quality loss when converting to PDF? A: Generally, no. But make sure your image is high-resolution for the best results.

Q: Are these methods free? A: The Files and Notes app options are free. Some third-party apps may offer in-app purchases for premium features.

There you have it. No more struggles with converting images to PDFs on your iPhone. Got any other questions? Let me know!