Create Photos That Pop With Photo Borders

Are your photos on social media not getting enough attention? Edit your photos with photo borders to add pops of color around your images, and resize for any social platform. From the classic white or colorful photo borders to free photo frames, you can quickly turn your photo into a scroll stopper with simple photo borders and frames.

The White Border

Instasize started the photo borders revolution in the early days of social media with the white border. A true classic, the white border was initially created to fit your entire photos onto social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Today, with the growth of social platforms and size requirements, the white border has expanded to still easily fit your entire photos in more places. Quickly resize your photo with white photo borders to fit Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and more.

Color Photo Borders

Over 8 billion photos have been edited with photo borders. Color photo borders are a new wave of photo editing to stand out on social media. With Instasize, it is the easiest way to add photo borders to any photo on any social platform.

Choose from over 50 color photo borders to add frames to your photo. Not finding the color you want? Just use our custom color picker so you can add photo borders that match your photo perfectly.


Mix It Up With Photo Frames

Sometimes you need something more than a splash of color from your photo borders. With photo frames, you can use your own photos to create collages with a simple border around your image that looks great and stands out.

To get these borderless collages, just pick any photo from your library, and the Instasize Photo Editor will instantly apply it as a photo frame behind your image. So now you have an image ready to be shared on social platforms.

How to add photo frames to your photo?

  1. Select your photo
    Open the Instasize app, and select the photo you would like to use. Pro Tip: Be sure to edit the photo before adding a photo frame.
  2. Select your photo frame
    Choose the Add Photo Frames option and select the image you would like to use as the photo frame for your photo. Of course, it is always good to make sure to also edit your photo frames before using them.
  3. Save your photo
    Now that you have added a photo frame to your image, you are now ready to save your image and share it on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

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