How to Remove a White Background from a Logo

Instasize Team
June 28, 2024


So, you've got a fantastic logo, but it’s got a white background that’s just not cutting it? No worries! Removing a white background is easier than you might think, and this guide will walk you through various methods to do it. Let's get your logo looking sleek and professional!

Removing the white background from your logo can offer several benefits:

  • Improved Aesthetics: A transparent background allows your logo to blend seamlessly into various designs.
  • Versatility: You can overlay your logo on different backgrounds without worrying about a white box ruining the look.
  • Professionalism: Removing the background gives your logo a polished, professional appearance.

Tools for Removing White Backgrounds

Using Instasize

Instasize is an excellent tool that can help you remove backgrounds efficiently and quickly on iOS, Android, and web. It’s especially handy if you’re looking for something simple yet effective.

Using Photoshop

Photoshop is a go-to tool for many graphic designers. It offers advanced features for precise background removal.

Using Online Tools

If you don’t have access to Photoshop, several online tools can also do the job. These tools are usually user-friendly and quick.

Step-by-Step Guide to Remove a White Background

Instasize Method

  1. Upload Your Logo: Open Instasize and upload your logo.
  2. Select Background Remover: Use the background remover tool to select the white background.
  3. Refine Edges: Adjust the sensitivity settings for a clean cut.
  4. Save & Share: Save your logo with a transparent background. Instasize also offers cloud storage, so you can easily share your optimized images via link.

Photoshop Method

  1. Open Your Logo: Open your logo in Photoshop.
  2. Magic Wand Tool: Select the Magic Wand tool from the toolbar.
  3. Select Background: Click on the white background to select it.
  4. Delete Background: Press the ‘Delete’ key to remove the white background.
  5. Save File: Save the file in PNG format to retain transparency.

Online Tools Method

  1. Upload Your Image: Go to a background removal website like
  2. Automatic Removal: The tool will automatically remove the white background.
  3. Download Image: Download the new image with a transparent background.

Tips for Best Results

  • High-Resolution Images: Use high-resolution images for the best results.
  • Zoom In: Zoom in to ensure you capture all edges of the logo.
  • Refine Edges: Use refining tools to smoothen the edges for a professional look.
  • Save in PNG Format: Always save your final logo in PNG format to maintain transparency.


Removing a white background from a logo can significantly enhance its versatility and professionalism. Whether you choose Photoshop, an online tool, or Instasize, each method has its benefits. Give your logo the clean, transparent background it deserves and make your branding stand out! By using Instasize, you not only remove backgrounds effortlessly but also gain access to a suite of other powerful features like image resizing, cropping, and optimization. Happy editing!