How to Quote in Discord

Instasize Team
July 6, 2024

How to Quote in Discord

Quoting messages in Discord can feel like a mystery, but stick with me—I'll show you how it's done. Let's break this down.

Why Quote in Discord?

Ever been in a busy Discord chat? Yeah, me too. Quoting is perfect for keeping track of conversations and responding clearly.

Method 1: Single-Line Quotes

Quoting a single line is super easy.

  • Type the 'greater-than' symbol (>).
  • Hit space.
  • Write your message.


> This is a quote.

This makes the text appear as a block quote.

Method 2: Multi-Line Quotes

Need to quote a longer message? No problem.

  • Type three 'greater-than' symbols (>>>).
  • Hit space.
  • Write your multi-line message.


This is a longer quote.
It spans multiple lines.

Using Bots for Quoting

Bots can make quoting even easier.

  • Find a quoting bot like 'CataBot' or 'QuoteBot'.
  • Add it to your server.
  • Use the bot's command to quote messages (usually something simple like !quote @username).

Quoting on Mobile

Sometimes you're on the go and need to quote.

  • Tap the message you want to quote.
  • Hold your finger down until a menu appears.
  • Select 'Quote' or 'Quote message'.

Best Practices for Quoting

To avoid confusion, always:

  • Use quotes sparingly in fast-paced chats.
  • Include context if the original message is far back.
  • Be respectful and quote accurately.


Can I Quote Without Bots?

Absolutely, manual quoting works just fine.

Can I Quote in DMs?

Yes, the same methods apply.

How Do I Edit a Quote?

Quotes are just text, so delete and re-quote if there's an error.

So there you have it. Quoting on Discord is a piece of cake once you get the hang of it. Happy chatting!