How to Monetize Instagram: Simple Strategies to Earn Money

Instasize Team
July 8, 2024

How to Monetize Instagram: Simple Strategies to Earn Money

Alright, so you want to know how to monetize Instagram? You've come to the right place.

Whether you're an influencer, a small business, or just someone who loves social media, there's money to be made on Instagram.

Why Monetize Instagram?

  • Income Potential: Platforms are nothing without their communities. You provide value, so why not make some income?
  • Business Growth: Monetizing helps in gaining more exposure which accelerates growth.
  • Freedom: Who doesn't want to make money doing something they enjoy?

One of the easiest ways to start making money is by collaborating with brands for sponsored posts.

  • Identify Your Niche: Focus on what you're good at – fashion, food, travel, etc.
  • Engagement Matters: Brands look for accounts with high engagement. (Likes, comments, shares)
  • Reach Out: Don’t wait for brands to come to you. Make the first move by sending pitches.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote products or services and earn a commission on sales.

  • Join Affiliate Programs: Companies like Amazon, ShareASale, and others have solid affiliate programs.
  • Use Trackable Links: Make it easier to track your sales and commissions.
  • Honesty Pays: Promote stuff you genuinely use. Authenticity matters.

Sell Your Own Products

If you’ve got products to sell, Instagram is a great platform.

  • Set Up Shop: Use IG’s Shop feature to list and sell your products directly.
  • Promote Through Stories: Story placements are great for visibility and driving traffic.
  • Leverage IGTV: Long-form content can help in explaining products in detail.


If you create long-form video content, IGTV ads can be a good income stream.

  • Content Quality: Make sure your videos are high-quality and engaging.
  • Follow Guidelines: Stay updated on Instagram's policies to maintain eligibility.
  • Ad Revenue: Earn a share of ad revenue from the ads shown in your IGTV videos.

Live Badges

During Instagram Live sessions, your followers can purchase badges.

  • Engage with Fans: The more engaged your audience, the more likely they are to buy badges.
  • Q&A Sessions: Host interactive sessions to encourage badge purchases.
  • Offer Incentives: Give shoutouts or exclusive content to badge buyers.

Instagram Subscriptions

Offer exclusive content to subscribers for a monthly fee.

  • Exclusive Content: Post photos, videos, and stories that are exclusive for your subscribers.
  • Live Sessions: Host live sessions only for your subscribers.
  • Shoutouts: Publicly acknowledge new subscribers to make them feel valued.

Selling Digital Products

You can sell eBooks, online courses, presets, or services.

  • Create Value: Products that solve problems or entertain tend to sell well.
  • Promote Smartly: Use Instagram Stories, posts, and IGTV to promote your digital products.
  • Link in Bio: Use tools like Linktree to add multiple links to your bio.

Shoutouts and Paid Promotions

Get paid to give other accounts a shoutout.

  • Set Your Rates: Determine how much you’ll charge per shoutout.
  • Stay Authentic: Only promote accounts or products you genuinely like. Authenticity wins.
  • Consistent Posting: Make a schedule to regularly post paid promotions without spamming your followers.


How many followers do I need to monetize Instagram?

You don't need a huge following. Micro-influencers can also monetize effectively.

Do I need a business account to monetize?

Yes, switching to a business account gives you access to Instagram’s analytics and other business tools.

Can I use multiple monetization methods simultaneously?

Absolutely, diversify your income streams to maximize earnings.

How do I increase engagement on my posts?

Use hashtags, interact with your followers, and post high-quality content regularly.

There you have it, folks!

These are some practical ways on how to monetize Instagram.

Time to turn those likes into cash!

And if you need any help with optimizing and resizing your photos or videos, remember Instasize has got you covered.