If you’ve spent any time at all this past week perusing the Instagram Stories of your friends and followings, then you know exactly what I mean when I say “Instagram Poll”.

The new Instagram Stories feature launched on October 3rd, and users jumped at the chance to create, share, and test their peers. As polls continue to make their presence known, the ways in which you can utilize this tool + newfound information from your followings is astounding.

Let’s get into it, but first, let’s give you a quick debriefing on how to make a poll on Instagram.

How To Make an Instagram Poll

Take a photo and/or video using IG Stories and click on the sticker icon in the upper right hand corner.

So Why Are Polls Important?

Great question. Why IS this new tool taking over your friends + followings IG Stories seemingly overnight? INSIGHT. The insight “POLLS” is now providing is a simple solution to an issue Instagram users have been facing for a while now. We can now effectively communicate with our masses without requesting private DM’s or comments on photos, although asking a question in a caption is a great way to generate engagement on your page.

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Using a poll to better understand what your following wants to see will help bloggers, influencers, and companies alike, curate better content. Better content = more engagement, more engagement = better chances of being seen by new eyeballs. In the content race we currently all find ourselves in, new eyeballs will one day translate to more opportunities, app downloads, etc.

Depending on your niche, “POLLS” can be a great way to better connect with the people who interact with you on a daily basis. For example, here is a list of potential questions you can be asking your followings if you fall into any of the below categories:

Business Instagram Poll Questions

Instagram Poll Ideas - Business

Instagram Poll Ideas - Business

Instagram Poll Ideas - Business

  • Option #1: Would you partake in a collaboration giveaway? (a) sure! (b) not interested

  • Option #2: What do you think of our new Fall themed inventory? (a) love! (b) not my cup of tea

  • Option #3: Would you be interested in themed screensavers? (a) yes! (b) nope

Blogger/YouTube Poll Ideas

Instagram Poll Ideas - Bloggers

Instagram Poll Ideas - Bloggers

Instagram Poll Ideas - Bloggers

  • Option #1: What type of content would you like to see next? (a) collab (b) product review

  • Option #2: If we hosted a meet and greet, would you come? (a) duh! (b) not interested

  • Option #3: Should I wear outfit 1 or outfit 2? (a) Def. 1 (b) 2 all the way

Instagram Poll Questions for Celebs

Instagram Poll Ideas - Instagram Celebs

Instagram Poll Ideas - Instagram Celebs

Instagram Poll Ideas - Instagram Celebs

  • Option #1: Should I eat this avocado toast? (a) yum! (b) Ew! No! Carbs!

  • Option #2: Where should I travel to next? (a) Bora Bora (b) give us photos

  • Option #3: Do I actually use Tea to stay in shape? (a) lol of course (b) not a chance

As you can see, the Instagram poll questions + answers combinations are endless. And aside from providing crucial information to you as a creative, “POLLS” also give us a great way to better engage with our followings. In such an oversaturated market, relatability and authenticity are characteristics hard to come by. But if your followings feel more involved with your day to day decision making, then the invisible bond they’ve already begun creating with you is strengthened.

Not only that, BUT (and you didn’t hear this from me) you can actually see who answered what to these questions! After the poll has been posted, view your IG Stories, get to your poll screen and swipe up. This will allow you to see how many votes have been conducted, who voted for what, and who viewed your story and decided not to vote at all!

The next time you’re faced with the daunting task of making some type of decision, remember that “POLLS” exists and there is currently a plethora of people willing to help you out with an answer. I’d like to think of “POLLS” as the millennial version of flipping a coin.