How to Convert PNG to JPG: Quick and Easy Guide

Instasize Team
July 2, 2024

How to Convert PNG to JPG: Quick and Easy Guide

So, you have a PNG file, and you need it in JPG format. Let's get straight to it.

Why Convert PNG to JPG?

  • Smaller File Size: JPGs are typically smaller in size compared to PNGs, making them great for web use.
  • Compatibility: JPGs are widely supported across different platforms.

Methods to Convert PNG to JPG

Online Tools

There are several online converters that get the job done:

Adobe Express

  • Upload your PNG file.
  • Choose JPG as the output format.
  • Download your new JPG file.


  • Visit
  • Select and upload your PNG files.
  • Click 'Convert'.
  • Download your converted JPG files.


  • Log in to your Cloudinary account.
  • Upload your PNG file.
  • Use the 'Convert' feature to change it to JPG.
  • Download the JPG file.

Convert PNG to JPG with Instasize

You can also use Instasize for an efficient conversion process on iOS, Android, or Web.

Steps to Convert Using Instasize

  1. Open Instasize:
    • Available on iOS, Android, and Web.
    • Log into your account or sign up if you’re new.
  2. Upload Your PNG Image:
    • Use the easy upload feature to add your PNG.
  3. Edit and Convert:
    • Apply any edits like cropping or resizing if needed.
    • Export and select JPG as your desired format.
  4. Download Your JPG:
    • Save the newly converted JPG to your device or cloud storage.

Additional Features in Instasize

  • Image Resizing: Adjust the dimensions of your image as needed.
  • Image Optimization: Ensure your image is optimized for web use.
  • Magic Fill: Expand or uncrop your images effortlessly.


Q: Why would I need to convert a PNG to JPG?

A: JPGs often have smaller file sizes, making them great for web use while being widely compatible.

Q: Can I use Instasize to edit my images before converting?

A: Absolutely. You can resize, crop, and even apply filters before converting your PNG to JPG.

Q: Is Instasize available on all platforms?

A: Yes, Instasize is available on iOS, Android, and Web.

Q: Are there any file size limits on Instasize?

A: No major limitations. However, for very large images, consider using the image size reduction feature.

Converting your PNG to JPG has never been easier. Whether you use online tools or Instasize, you're covered.