How to Convert PDF to JPG Easily and Quickly

Instasize Team
July 2, 2024

How to Convert PDF to JPG Easily and Quickly

Converting a PDF to a JPG might seem like a hassle, but it's actually super simple. Let’s break it down.

Why Convert PDFs to JPGs?

You might be wondering why you’d need to do this in the first place.

  • Ease of Sharing: JPGs are universally supported and easy to share on social media, websites, and emails.
  • Editing: JPGs can be edited more freely in image editors compared to PDFs.

Use Online Tools to Convert PDFs to JPGs

Canva PDF to JPG Converter

  1. Visit Canva: Open Canva's PDF to JPG converter.
  2. Upload Your PDF: Drag and drop your PDF file into the upload area.
  3. Convert: Hit the 'Convert' button and wait for the magic to happen.
  4. Download: Once converted, download your JPG files.

Adobe Acrobat Online Tool

  1. Visit Adobe Acrobat: Go to Adobe's PDF to JPG tool.
  2. Upload: Click ‘Select a file’ and upload your PDF.
  3. Select Format: Choose JPG as your output format.
  4. Convert: Hit ‘Convert’ and download your images.

Adobe Acrobat Desktop Application

  1. Open PDF in Acrobat: Launch Adobe Acrobat and open your PDF file.
  2. Export: Go to ‘Export PDF’.
  3. Choose Format: Select ‘Image’ and then JPG.
  4. Export: Click ‘Export’ and save your images.

Why Use Instasize?

Once you have your JPG files, use Instasize to make them even better:

  • Image Resizing: Quickly resize your images for social media or your website.
  • Image Optimization: Make sure your images load super-fast.
  • Cloud Storage: Keep all your images in one place.


Can I convert multiple PDFs to JPGs at once?

Yes, both Canva and Adobe allow for batch conversions.

Is it free to convert PDFs to JPGs?

Canva offers a free tool. Adobe has both free and premium options.

How do I ensure my JPGs are high quality?

Use Instasize for image optimization and resizing after conversion.

Converting your PDFs to JPGs is simple and makes sharing and editing a breeze. Don't forget to use Instasize to polish your images to perfection!