How to Add Captions on TikTok

Instasize Team
July 9, 2024

How to Add Captions on TikTok

Adding captions on TikTok is an absolute game-changer.

Whether it's for accessibility, engagement, or just plain fun, captions can make your videos stand out.

Let's break it down so you can get your content popping with captions.

Why Add Captions?

  • Accessibility: Make your content inclusive for everyone.
  • Engagement: Captions keep people watching longer.
  • Clarity: Sometimes audio isn't enough.

Using TikTok's In-App Features

TikTok makes it super easy to add captions directly within the app.

  1. Record or upload your video: Start by creating or choosing a video.
  2. Tap on the text tool: It's the “Aa” icon you'll find at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Type your captions: Enter the text you want displayed.
  4. Customize your captions: Change the font, color, and size to match your vibe.
  5. Set duration: Decide when your captions should appear and disappear.
  6. Review and post: Double-check everything and hit that “post” button.

Using Auto-Captions

TikTok also offers an auto-caption feature, which can save you tons of time.

  1. Go to “Captions”: After recording your video, tap on the “Captions” button.
  2. Let TikTok process: The app will automatically transcribe and add captions to your video.
  3. Review and edit: Make sure everything looks right and make any necessary edits.

Third-Party Tools

Sometimes TikTok's built-in features aren't enough, and you want more control.


Yep, Instasize isn't just for photos. You can use it to edit videos too.

  1. Upload your video to Instasize: Available on iOS, Android, and the web.
  2. Use the text tool: Just like in TikTok, but with more options.
  3. Export and upload to TikTok: Once you're happy with your video, save and upload it to TikTok.

  1. Upload your video to Utilize advanced editing tools.
  2. Add captions: More granular control for precise edits.
  3. Download and upload to TikTok: Seamless transition from one platform to another.

Tips for Better Captions

  • Keep it short and sweet: Long text can be overwhelming.
  • Use relevant keywords: Helps with searchability and engagement.
  • Sync with audio: Make sure the captions match what's being said.


1. Can I edit auto-captions? Yes, always review and tweak auto-captions to make sure they're accurate.

2. Is there a character limit for TikTok captions? Not really, but shorter is better.

3. Can I change the color and font of auto-captions? Unfortunately, no. You'd have to manually add text for customization.

4. What if TikTok’s auto-captions miss a word? Edit it manually to correct any mistakes.

5. Should I always use the in-app feature? Not necessarily. Third-party tools can give you more control.

Adding captions on TikTok is easier than you think. Whether you do it manually, use auto-captions, or even third-party tools like Instasize, making your videos more accessible is always a win.