Can You Have More Than One Etsy Shop? Here’s the Lowdown!

Instasize Team
July 5, 2024

Can You Have More Than One Etsy Shop? Here’s the Lowdown!

So, you’ve been killing it with your first Etsy shop and you're wondering, “Can I have more than one Etsy shop?” Short answer: YES. Let’s break it down.

Why You Might Want Multiple Etsy Shops

  • Niche Focus: One shop for handmade jewelry, another for vintage clothes.
  • Brand Identity: Different shops for different brand aesthetics.
  • Target Different Customer Bases: Cater to various demographics.

What Are Etsy's Rules?

  • Separate Accounts: Each shop needs its own Etsy account and email address.
  • Transparency: You’ll need to disclose if you have multiple shops.
  • Compliance: Follow Etsy’s policies for each shop.

Setting Up Your Second Etsy Shop

  1. New Email: Get a new email for your second Etsy account.
  2. Register: Sign up for a new Etsy account with that email.
  3. Set Up Shop: Repeat the set-up process as you did for your first shop.

Managing Multiple Etsy Shops

  • Time Management: Use tools for scheduling posts and managing inventory.
  • Cross-Promotion: Promote your shops across each other, but do it subtly.
  • Financial Tracking: Keep finances separate. Your accountant will thank you.

Pros and Cons of Having More Than One Etsy Shop


  • More focused branding
  • Ability to test markets
  • Spread out risk


  • Double the effort
  • Possible overlapping niches
  • Customer confusion if not managed well

Best Practices for Success

  • Quality Over Quantity: Focus on the quality of listings and customer service.
  • SEO Optimization: Use relevant keywords for each niche.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your shops active and updated.

How Instasize Can Help You Manage Multiple Etsy Shops

Managing multiple Etsy shops can be a hassle, but Instasize offers tools to ease that burden:

  • Image Resizing and Cropping: Quickly prepare images for multiple listings.
  • Cloud Storage: Store and manage all your product photos in one place.
  • Photo Collages: Create engaging product collages to keep your listings fresh.
  • Filters and Background Removal: Make your product photos pop.


No, you can't link them directly, but you can cross-promote by mentioning one shop in the other’s profile.

Do I need separate payment accounts for each shop?

Yes, it’s best to keep financials separate for ease of tracking and reporting.

Will having multiple shops affect SEO?

Not if you manage them well and use targeted keywords for each niche.

That’s it! Hope this clears up your doubts about running multiple Etsy shops. Go get ‘em, champ!