Want to take your Instagram to the next level? Maybe hit a followers milestone?

A great way to do it is by adopting a theme or style to create a cohesive feed. It’s time to find your Instagram aesthetic.

The quickest way is by playing around with filters. Finding the right filter that achieves the look you’re going for won’t just give you consistent photos every time, it also makes editing fairly quick and straightforward.

Instagram offers a modest library of native filters, but what if what’s available doesn’t cut it?

You want an aesthetic that is fresh, on trend, but also allows you to create a style that is uniquely yours. Choosing a different Instagram filters app such as Instasize will give you a larger collection of filters. Instasize currently has 26 free filters, but if you’re serious about finding the filter for your Instagram aesthetic, you can gain access to more filters by subscribing to the premium membership.

How to Pick An Aesthetic

How to Pick an Instagram Aesthetic

Maybe you already have an idea about how you want your feed to look. If not, scroll through the accounts you currently follow and gain inspiration from your favorite feeds. Whatever your IG goals may be, you can achieve it with the right filter.

Want to adopt a dark theme for your aesthetic? The A2 filter from Instasize’s Amber Collection gives photos that broody, cool hue. Looking for something light and bright? H2 from the Havana Collection will brighten any photo in an instant. Aiming for dramatic black and white? Free filters like Radio and Nova will do the trick.

How to Add Filters on Instasize

Adding a filter on your photo using Instasize is just as simple as using Instagram.

  • Step #1: Open the Instasize app and tap the + icon. You can choose to upload existing media or take a photo or video straight from the app.
  • Step #2: Once you’ve chosen a photo, you will be taken to the app’s editor where you can appy one of over 50 filters.
  • Step #3: Tap on a filter of your choice to apply it to your photo. Tap it again to open the filter’s sliding bar, allowing you to reduce its intensity. Tap the check mark.
  • Step #4: Once you’re done applying filters and editing your photo, tap the share icon and send your photo to Instagram.

It’s so simple, it’s intuitive!

Scroll to the end of the filters option and tap the last square to manage Instasize’s Instagram filters app. You can hide filters you don’t frequently use. You can also hold down a filter and drag its position on the lineup. This way, your favorite filters will always be easy to access.

You can also edit photo settings like Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, and more, as well as add text and backgrounds to your photo.

With Instasize’s numerous features, you can recreate your chosen aesthetic for every photo and create a stunning and cohesive Instagram feed.