13 Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

Instasize Team
April 28, 2022

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    Over 95 million photos are uploaded on Instagram every day.

    It’s an incredibly vibrant and active platform, and if you want to grow your engagement and followers, you need to get creative with how you use Instagram.

    How you use Instagram Stories is also crucial to your success. Creating content is practically a full-time job, and you’ll want to keep it fresh and interesting for your followers.

    To do that, we’ve got 15 creative story ideas you can apply that your followers will definitely enjoy and engage with.

    1. Shine a spotlight on your team.

    Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

    Give over your IG to a different team member and encourage them to do a stories takeover where you can see how the brand works from their point of view! It’s a fun way to show what goes on behind the scenes.

    2. Countdown to special offers, new products, and more.

    Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

    If you’ve got something to release and you want to build suspense and interest, countdowns on Instagram Stories are quick and easy to make, but highly effective. You can make it as plain as you want, or even share reveals with every new post.

    3. Share press features or shoutouts.

    Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

    If you’ve been featured or was given a shoutout by a celeb, brand, or influencer, taking to Instagram Stories is a quick way to say thanks and share the cool news to your followers!

    4. Play a fun game with your followers.

    Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

    Want more engagement? You can show a photo and have your followers guess what it is, where you are, who is in the photo or video-- the possibilities are endless!

    5. Wow them with typography.

    Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

    Got something awesome to share? You don’t need to rush it just because it’s going to be on Instagram Stories. You can make beautiful and polished stories straight from Instagram, or use Instasize’s Text Styles to create a fun and unique layout.

    6. Before/After edits.

    Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

    It’s very satisfying to tap back and forth a photo and it’s original version. A perfect design idea if you want to show how much (or how little) you edit your photos before they’re ready for the feed!

    7. Do Q&A videos.

    Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

    Instead of walls of text to answer questions about you or your brand, you can use stories to directly answer them. People will appreciate it coming from the horse’s mouth. Keep it on your profile as a highlight for future followers to refer to!

    8. Share other versions of a feed post.

    Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

    Everybody knows that for every Instagram post, there’s practically a dozen outtakes that didn’t make the cut. Don’t delete them just yet! Share them on Instagram stories for a fascinating look into how you choose pics.

    9. Post a meme.

    Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

    Saw something funny you just know your followers will enjoy? Share the fun and post it on Instagram stories! Make sure you share the original post and poster, though!

    10. Share a preview of a post or video.

    Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

    Want to alert your followers to a new Youtube video, blog post, or even feed post? Use stories! You can link them to where you want them to go easily from there. Make sure your preview is enticing to encourage followers to click.

    11. Get your followers to decide for you.

    Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

    It’s a fun way to make your day a bit more interactive. Use IG stories polls to ask followers to help you make a small decision like which cereal to try or top to buy and share the results!

    12. Share valuable and relevant DMs.

    Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

    Sometimes, you have an inspiring or funny exchange with a follower that you want to share with everyone, and you can do so on stories! It’s sharing a great exchange and giving a follower a shoutout!

    13. Post an unboxing!

    Creative Instagram Stories Ideas

    This is great if you don’t usually post unboxing videos. Stories can be a great place to do these types of videos on your own terms and in your own way.

    These are only a few Instagram posts ideas to add to your trusted types of content. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative. Instagram Stories is the perfect platform for this after all!