Increase Your Instagram Reach with These 7 Hacks

There’s always something you can do to increase your Instagram followers. With over a billion active users, the sky’s definitely the limit.

But how do you increase your Instagram reach, especially when there seem to always be a hot new profile everyone’s talking about?

Well, here are a few Instagram marketing hacks you could try:

Hack # 1: Post less.

You read it right.

You can actually increase your reach by cutting down the posts you publish. When you post less, it means you’re creating better content. You can spend the rest of the time making sure your posts are suited to your brand, and something your audiences actually enjoy and respond to.

When you focus on quality over quantity, the audiences you want to attract will surely come in droves.

Hack # 2: Capitalize on user-generated content.

In terms of numbers, user-generated content are 50% more trustworthy than non-user-generated content. This means that reposting something your followers have made for and about your brand is a highly valuable tactic to improve brand reputation. This works really well for blog or website content too; featuring user-generated content or generating user content through contests not only drives engagement, it also has the ability to turn customers into brand advocates.

When it comes to growing your reach, when you post content created by followers, they will likely repost it. Your engagement will skyrocket and you’ll see yourself featured on feeds that follow your followers.

Hack # 3: Time your posts well.

The right time to post differs from brand to brand. If you have an Instagram Business profile, you’ll be able to pinpoint when most of your followers are active on the app.

Why is it important? When you post when there’s high activity, your post will likely get more engagement. The higher the engagement, the higher you’ll find your post with Instagram’s algorithm-based feed.

The better your post looks in terms of engagement, the likeliker you’ll find it on the coveted Explore tab!

Hack # 4: Cross-post Instagram content.

In order to reach more viewers, you’ll have to think beyond the app.

You can encourage followers on one social media platform to also follow you on different social media platforms. Take care with picking which posts to repost on other socials, though! You don’t want your accounts to look too identical.

Cross-posting your best feed posts will work on Pinterest, while cross-posting videos and IG stories may be better on Facebook. For longer content, use IGTV and crosspost it on YouTube.

Hack # 5: Host giveaways.

Want a boost in numbers? You can’t go wrong with a giveaway.

It’s a great way to boost engagement, give back to your followers, and generate user content you can curate and repost for even wider reach. It’s a win-win!

Make sure you follow Instagram’s official guidelines when hosting giveaways and contests on your account.

Hack # 6: Use your top-performing posts as ads.

You already know you’ve got a great post because it has very high engagement. There are thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, and it’s a great example of what others can expect from your account.

Why not use these posts and boost them as paid ads, ensuring more people find them on their feed? Instagram won’t just show these ads to anyone. They’ll be seen by people who are already likely to follow an account like yours. Targeted ads mean instant followers!

If you want to take this to the next level, there are also tools out there like Ampjar that lets you incorporate your Instagram content/ads into the emails of other like minded brands.

Pro Tip: To manage your efforts across social media platforms, you can opt build a custom social media dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of your marketing efforts. This can help you identify your marketing goals and map out your metrics.

Hack # 7: Communicate more and better.

Engagement is a two-way street on Instagram. If you want more people to engage with your content, you have to engage with them, too. Thank them for liking and commenting, answer questions, maybe check out some of their accounts and give them likes and follows back.

When you double down on the ‘social’ aspect of this social media platform, you’ll quickly attract more followers looking for accounts with great content and friendly brand personas they can relate to and interact with.

Another thing you can explore is creating an email list for your loyal fans and followers. When people sign up to be part of your list, you know they’re open to hearing from you. Email marketing allows you to engage with them even further. 

Show your appreciation by offering special discounts, limited-time offers, exclusive updates, and birthday coupons. 

Pulling this off can result in even more followers when your email subscribers post about your exciting gifts in their respective Instagram accounts.

You don’t have to veer away from your brand identity or completely rebrand just to increase your Instagram reach. The great thing about the hacks on this article is that you can apply them to your strategy immediately!

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