Add Text to Photos: Using Instasize’s Text Styles

Do you add text to the photos and videos your post on social media?

You don’t need to download a dozen other apps that serve a single purpose. Instasize allows you to add text to photos in cool and creative ways. Our new feature, Text Styles, gives you preset text layouts that are on trend, and customizable to complement your aesthetic and match your brand.

Instasize’s Text Styles were created by type designers, reducing the time it takes you to mix and match layouts and fonts to achieve the look you want.

Use Instasize's Text Styles to Add Text to Photos

Create sleek photo posts with text quickly with Text Styles. In just a few taps, you’ll be able to create IG stories, snaps, or even blog graphics and YouTube thumbnails sure to grab audience attention.

Add professional-looking text layouts to your images:

  • Step #1: From your movable grid, choose a photo you want to edit. If you want to edit a photo from your Camera Roll, tap the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen and choose ‘Photo,' then tap the photo you want to edit.

  • Add Text to Photos with Instasize's Text Styles: Step 1

  • Step #2: On Instasize’s photo editor, tap the Text Style icon--the S with lines to its side. The many different styles should pop up at the bottom.

  • Add Text to Photos with Instasize's Text Styles: Step 2

  • Step #3: Choose the text style you want. The text style you choose will show up on your photo. Double tap the text box to change the default copy to your own text. You can choose the color of the text style using the color picker at the bottom of the text editor. Tap the check icon at the upper right hand of your screen.

  • Add Text to Photos with Instasize's Text Styles: Step 3

  • Pro Tip: Want more text style options? Subscribe to Premium and unlock all the layouts currently available.

  • Step #4: Want a different version of your chosen text style? Tap the shuffle icon to choose from different fonts applied to the same style without breaking the design. You don’t have to resize or reposition each word to perfection - it’s all automated for you!

  • Add Text to Photos with Instasize's Text Styles: Step 4

  • Step #5: You can resize and reposition the text box on your image. Increase or decrease the size by pinching or expanding your two fingers. Drag it anywhere on your image, or twist it to whichever orientation you wish.

  • Add Text to Photos with Instasize's Text Styles: Step 5

  • Step #6: Want even more flexibility? Tap the ‘T’ icon and type in the text you want on the text box. Choose a color, then tap the check icon. Pick a font from Instasize’s growing font library. You can also reposition or resize the text anywhere on your image.

instasize Text Styles Examples

With Instasize’s text styles, you cut down on editing time without compromizing your aesthetic! Tedious editing of the same photo using multiple apps is also reduced. Everything you need to create great social media content is all in one app.

You can do so much with Instasize even with a free account: adjust photo settings, apply countless filters, add text layouts, retouch selfies, add borders, crop to optimum sizes, and even plan your Instagram app. You get all that and a lot more options when you subscribe to Premium.

Free up space on your phone and choose apps that are all-in-one toolkits. Instasize is your one-stop shop for taking, editing, and posting social media content.

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