These days it seems like every mildly pretty girl with a thousand followers is calling herself an Instagram model. Seeing as there is no such thing as The Instagram Committee for Model Accreditation, those girls are absolutely right. With the flood of Insta-models out there, you’re going to have to really work it if you want to stand out. It doesn’t matter if you happen to be ridiculously attractive, or a hotshot photographer to boot; if you don’t have your fundamentals down pat, you’ll fade into the background. And, let’s be real here, modeling poses is about as fundamental as it gets.

This applies not just to aspiring models, either, but to anyone marketing their personal brand on the platform. Whether you want to be the face of a brand, or whether your face is your brand, knowing how to put your best foot forward goes a long way to attracting followers and keeping them around. And don’t stress too much by comparing yourself to other models out there. The whole point of posing is to highlight your strongest features, while de-emphasizing your weaker ones. That means whatever your best features happen to be, there will be a way to showcase it to devastating effect. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be Kendall Jenner to rock it on the ‘gram. To help you out, we’ve put together this handy guide of the best Instagram model poses to help you get started.

1. The Standing Insta

It’s always a good idea to start with the classics, and the standing pose is pretty much the gold standard of Instagram modeling poses. Now, it’s important to know that your basic standing pose comes in various flavors. The most basic (but timeless) pose is to stand straight on, looking down the lens. This pose is great for projecting power and conviction. Done right and the viewer will lose themselves for a bit staring back.

2. Moving On Up

Another variation on the theme is to add a sense of movement to the shot. You’d be surprised how just putting one foot (your best foot!) forward improves your pose. It tends to give your body a natural curve, and it imparts dynamism and energy to the image. Just remember to keep it natural and move like you normally would. If you are comfortable and confident, it will show.

3. Sitting Pretty

The other go-to Instagram modeling pose, sitting has just as many variations as the classic standing. You can go for the chill sitting Insta. Just spread your legs and lean back like you don’t have a care in the world. This pose is great for channeling your inner badass. You can also swing the opposite way and project calm sophistication by sitting poised. You simply need to sit straight up and cross those legs.

Sitting is usually a comfortable position to be in, and being comfortable leads to great shots. So these poses are a great addition to your modeling toolkit. Here’s a pro tip: sometimes sitting on a chair can appear too stiff or contrived. Change it up a bit by sitting on some stairs, a railing, or even on the ground! Remember that each variation of this pose projects different vibes. So keep your brand’s message in mind when deciding which one to go for.

4. She’s Got The Look

A part of posing a lot of wannabe Insta-models overlook is your look, or rather, where you’re looking. Looking in a certain direction is a great way to low-key present your best side to the camera, and it can also have the fringe benefit of lengthening your neck. Don’t underestimate the effect of a simple casual sideways glance! It gives the double effect of framing your face in profile and giving you a casual “I didn’t even know the camera was there” vibe. Toss in a hair flip for extra oomph!

5. Over The Shoulder

While we’re talking about looks, special mention goes to the backwards glance. Best achieved by making it appear casual and unrehearsed, imagine yourself turning back and telling your friend to hurry and catch up. Oh, you were taking a picture? I had no idea! Works every time.

6. Mirror, Mirror

This pose is almost de rigueur in the world of Instagram model poses. It’s an indispensable one for a hassle-free shot of your getup. Quick and easy OOTD shots: check! A great tip here is to hold the camera lower, somewhere between your midsection and chin. This keeps your legs from appearing stubby.

7. The Silly Selfie

Sometimes the best way to really engage with your audience is to forget about looking pretty for a while and show a bit personality. It can be liberating to be a bit silly, and it gives your followers an endearing glimpse of a more down-to-earth you. It also shows a lot of confidence to post less-than-perfectly-posed picture.

Well, there we are! I hope this short list of modeling poses gives you a jumping-off point for your own Insta-modelling adventure. No doubt you’ll pick up more tips as you go along, just remember to have fun with it. Good luck!