How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story

Instasize Team
July 3, 2024

How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story

Want your Instagram Stories to stand out?

A collage can do wonders.

Here's how to make a collage on Instagram Story easily.

Why Make a Collage on Instagram Story?

  • Grab attention: Collages are visually appealing, which can catch your followers’ eyes.
  • Tell a story: Combine multiple photos to tell a more comprehensive story.
  • Show creativity: Flex your creative muscles and make unique content.

Ways to Make a Collage on Instagram Story

1. Using Instagram's Built-In Layout

  • Open Instagram and go to stories.
  • Swipe up to access your gallery.
  • Tap the ‘Layout’ icon.
  • Choose a grid and add photos.
  • Adjust image size and position within the grid.
  • Tap ‘Your Story’ to publish.

2. Using Third-Party Apps

Besides Instagram, some apps can offer more customization.

Using Instasize

  • Download and open Instasize on iOS, Android, or Web.
  • Tap ‘Photo Collage’ and select your layout.
  • Add photos from your gallery.
  • Use features like image resizing, cropping, and filters.
  • Once satisfied, save your collage.
  • Open Instagram and upload your saved collage to your story.

Tips for a Stunning Instagram Story Collage

  • Use high-quality images: Low-res images won’t cut it.
  • Play with colors: Use contrasting colors to make elements pop.
  • Don’t overcrowd: Less can sometimes be more.
  • Add borders: Makes each photo stand out.

Key Features of Instasize for Making Collages

  1. Image resizing: Perfectly fit the grid.
  2. Cropping and extending: Get the perfect look.
  3. Filters and borders: Make every photo shine.
  4. Background remover: Create professional-looking collages.
  5. Cloud storage: Easily access your designs.

FAQs for Making Collage on Instagram Story

How can I add text to my collage?

After uploading your collage on Instagram, use the Instagram text tool to add captions, stickers, and more.

Can I use videos in my collage?

Yes! Instagram allows you to mix photos and videos in your story collage.

How many photos can I add in one collage?

It depends on your chosen layout. Typically, Instagram’s layout feature allows up to 6 photos.

What’s the best app for making collages?

Instasize is a top choice due to its extensive features, ease of use, and multi-platform availability.