How Many Products Can You Add on Shopify?

Instasize Team
July 5, 2024

How Many Products Can You Add on Shopify?

So, you're setting up your Shopify store and wondering, how many products can you actually add? Let's break it down.

Unlimited Products on Shopify

Good news! Shopify doesn't put a hard limit on the number of products you can add to your store. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Unlimited Products: Yes, you heard that right. Whether you're on the Basic plan or Advanced plan, you can add as many products as your heart desires.

  • Plan Flexibility: All Shopify plans allow for unlimited products. The pricing plans differ more in terms of features and support, not inventory capacity.

Shopify Pricing Plans and Features

When choosing a plan, consider the other features each plan provides in addition to the unlimited product limit:

  • Basic Shopify (Lowest Tier Plan): Best for new businesses.
  • Shopify (Intermediate Plan): Ideal for growing businesses.
  • Advanced Shopify (High Tier Plan): Great for scaling businesses.

Managing a Large Inventory

Got a large inventory? Here’s how to keep things smooth:

  • Collections and Tags: Use these features to organize your products. Categories, collections, and tags make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for.
  • Inventory Management Apps: Shopify's app store offers tools for bulk editing, stock management, and more. Check out