Sizing Cheat Sheet: How Big Should Your Instagram Posts Be?

Since Instagram allowed different-sized photos, everyone has had more opportunity to get creative to achieve excellent results. Now Instagram is bigger than ever, with even more active users than ever before.

Instagram’s new flexibility (and features!) mean more freedom, but it also means any avid user has to stay on top of Instagram post sizes to make sure each photo posted is sharp and crisp, and not pixelated or blurry. So, how big should your posts be?

Short answer: 1080px in width

If you’re serious about uploading great photos, you should know the right Instagram post sizes down to the last pixel, whether they may be stories, videos, or posts published on your feed. With the help of the resizing tools on Instasize, you can ensure that each of your Instagram posts are perfectly sized depending on what type of look you're aiming to achieve.

Published Photos on Instagram

Instagram has been allowing landscape and portrait images for awhile now. While the app makes it easy for you to expand or crop your images to the right ratio, and you can upload images as small as 320px in width, you want to upload big resolution images to publish photos with the best, sharpest quality.

  • Instagram Square: 1080px x 1080px to 2048px x 2048px (Ratio - 1:1)

    Square Aspect Ratio for Instagram

  • Instagram Landscape 1: 640px x 427px to 1080px x 720px (Ratio - 3:2)

    Landscape Aspect Ratio for Instagram

  • Instagram Landscape 2: 640px x 480px to 1080px x 810px (Ratio - 4:3)

    Landscape Aspect Ratio for Instagram

  • Instagram Portrait: 640px x 749px to 1080px x 1350px (Ratio - 4:5)

    Portrait Aspect Ratio for Instagram

Published Videos on Instagram

As of right now, Instagram only allows square videos to be published on your Instagram feed, [UPDATE] Instagram now allows videos to be posted in three aspect ratios, with a video length from anywhere between 3 to 60 seconds.

The Instagram video aspect ratios are as follows:

  • Instagram Square: 1080px x 1080px to 2048px x 2048px (Ratio - 1:1)

  • Instagram Landscape: 640px x 427px to 1080px x 720px (Ratio - 3:2)

  • Instagram Vertical: 640px x 749px to 1080px x 1350px (Ratio - 4:5)

Instagram Stories

The optimum aspect ratio is 9:16. If you upload different aspect ratios, Instagram crops it automatically. For video Stories, the length of the clip should not exceed 10 seconds long.

You can upload video sizes of 720px x 1280px to 900px x 1600px for quicker upload and playback.

Instagram Stories Auto-Cropping Instagram Stories Auto-Cropping

Instagram Stories 9:16 Ratio (Optimal) Instagram Stories Auto Cropping

Instagram Profile Photos

The optimum size is 110px x 110px, but the maximum allowed resolution is 180px x 180px. Your profile photo may be the smallest content you’ll upload on Instagram, but it’s one of the more crucial ones. Upload a photo that is just as high quality as the rest of your feed. It will also be cropped into a circle, so make sure the object of your profile photo like your face or brand logo is at the center.

Now that you know the most up-to-date Instagram post sizes, you’ll be able to take, upload, and edit photos that will look great on any screen. Check out these brands who are doing it right! Unlock a free 7 day trial of Instasize premium and take your content creating to a whole other level.

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