When you’ve spent so much time taking and editing an Instagram photo, the last thing you want is for it to go unnoticed.

If you’re a savvy user, you probably have an idea of what to post, but also when and how frequently your posts must be to get the most engagement. You know that there’s no real magical time frame that works for everyone. It varies from account to account, especially when you have a global following.

But, how do you make sure you have content in time for when your audience is most active?

Simple. You plan ahead and learn how to schedule your Instagram posts.

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram does not allow external apps to automatically upload on your feed. Fortunately, there are workarounds. Tools like Planoly allow you to upload Instagram-ready photos and plot them out on a calendar. The app then notifies you when it’s time to publish your post, and you can do so with a few quick taps.

Why Schedule Posts to Plan Your Feed?

  • Keeps Your Account Active

    Regular posts keep your audience engaged, and gives them something to look forward to from your Instagram. Instead of having multiple posts in one day and having none for other days, you can spread them out for more balanced activity.

  • Gives You Time

    Once a post is published, it’s out there. While you can edit captions after posting, the same is not true for images. When you create your content ahead of time, you give yourself leg room to double check and make more edits as you see fit.

  • Helps You Plan A Better Feed

    It’s all about content these days. You don’t just think about the photo you’re posting, you also have to think about how it all fits into your entire Instagram feed. Instagram users now look at cohesiveness before hitting that follow button, and you can’t always do that when you’re editing photos and posting them on the fly.

Did you know that Instasize has a moveable grid that allows you to upload your existing Instagram photos, as well as photos you want to post, and move them around to show how they would look before you publish them? Well it does! And here is how it works:

  • Step #1: Open the app and tap the ‘+’ icon to upload a photo or video.

  • Step #2: Edit your photo as you wish and tap ‘Done’. This saves the photo to your Instasize media library.

  • Step #3: You can rearrange any photo by tapping & holding it and moving it to its desired position on the grid.

  • Step #4: You can edit any photo by tapping it and tapping on the icon with two sliding bars to open the Instasize editor. This way you’ll have an immediate overview of how each photo will fit onto your feed.

  • Step #5: Once it’s time to post on Instagram, tap on the photo you want to post, click on the upload icon, and choose Instagram from the pop-up options.

There is no single approach to Instagram success. It’s all about experimentation and seeing what your followers will respond. When you know how to schedule Instagram posts, you give yourself more time to make edits, and control when to publish, and how your feed will look.