Create Your University or College Student ID Photo

Effortlessly resize your photo to meet your university student ID requirements. Start now, and create your student ID photo in seconds.

Save Time & Get Your Student ID Photo Faster

Juggling lectures, assignments, and campus activities leaves little room for extra errands. Instasize is designed for the student who are busy and don't have time to place to get their student ID taken.

Simply upload or take a photo for your student ID photo and let us do the rest. Get your student ID photo in seconds, saving you a trip to the studio and giving you back time better spent studying.

Meet University Student ID Requirements

Adhering to the exact photo requirements for university or college IDs is now more straightforward than ever. Instasize ensures that your photos match the required dimensions and specifications demanded by universities with accuracy and ease.

Instasize eliminates the complexity of manual resizing, providing a simple solution that guarantees your student ID photo meets institutional standards without any hassle.

High Resolution Student ID Photo

Creating a student ID photo requires a delicate balance between high resolution and manageable file size. Instasize is designed to produce images that are both clear and compact.

This ensures that your student ID photo is not only visually appealing but also meets the size restrictions often required by universities, providing a perfect blend of quality and practicality.

Instantly Preview Your Student ID Photo

See your image in real-time, exactly as it will be displayed on your student ID, making sure you look as great as you expected.

Easily retake your photo or make any changes you need so you can submit the perfect photo with confidence to your university.

Safe and Secure Photo Processing

In the process of creating your student ID photo, the safety and privacy of your personal images should be a top priority.

Instasize is built to maintain the privacy and security of your images, employing robust encryption and privacy protocols. This means you can confidently resize your photos, knowing they are in safe hands and your personal data is protected.

How to Create a Student ID Photo?

Step 1

Capture and Upload Your Photo

Take a photo for your Student ID and upload. Don't worry about the specifics; we'll ensure it meets your school's requirements for ID's.

Step 2

Remove Background

Our AI-powered Background Remover Tool will automatically remove the background from your picture.

Step 3

Download Photo

Once the background from your picture has been removed, click the download button to save the new picture to your device.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

To resize your photo for a student ID, you can use Instasize to adjust the dimensions to meet your university's specific requirements.

First, check the size and format guidelines provided by your university. Then, upload your photo to Instasize, and adjust the size and crop it as needed. Instasize supports major university and college student ID size requirements, making the process even easier.