Looking to show off your vacation pics, selfies, flatlay skills, etc. on Instagram in the best way possible? The secret isn’t mixing dozens of different apps. It’s all about finding that one powerful Instagram photo editor that helps turn your snapshot into a stunner.

You, too, can have a feed like your favorite Instagram stars. Edit your photos to greatness using Instasize!

How to use Instasize as an Instagram photo editor

  • Take or choose a great photoTaking--and choosing!--the right photo is half the battle. You can take photos using Instasize’s camera feature, or upload one saved on your phone or other cloud storage devices.

    Here are a few basic tips on getting great photos with your smart phone:

    Tip #1: It’s all about the lighting. Phones aren’t great at taking photos under low lighting. Observe light sources and shadows and make sure whatever you’re photographing is getting enough light.

    Tip #2: If you want to take a photo of an object close up, walk as close to the object as possible, instead of using your phone’s zoom tool.

    Tip #3: Take as many photos as you can, in as many angles as you can. While it’s great to get that perfect shot, it’s always good to have options.

  • Crop your photoOnce you’ve loaded your chosen photo on Instasize’s photo editor, you can move your image freely against the white background. Pinch the image on screen to zoom in or out as you wish. You can also tap the crop button below the filters and have your pick of different photo ratios.

    Crop a Photo****Resize a Photo

    Think your photo is only okay? You can always crop out unsightly side areas you accidentally caught with your camera, or highlight a section you like best.

  • Pick a filterThe filter can make or break your photograph. Not sure which filter to choose? Pick a mood or a theme. Instasize has dozens of filters that tastefully change the style and tone of any photo. You’ll definitely find something that will go great with your photo, or even an overall theme you’re going for.

    Choosing a Filter

    Once you’ve chosen a filter, you can adjust the intensity by tapping on the filter again and adjusting the bar to your liking.

    You can also manage filters. From the editing screen, hold down a filter you would like to move around and drag it to wherever you want it on the lineup. Swipe to the end of the filters to find ‘Manage’. You can hide filters you don’t use by simply ticking the checkbox next to it, or reorder them by holding down the three grey lines on the left of each filter.

    ProTip: If you’re an Instasize subscriber, you can have access to all of the app’s top filters for free. Check out The Top Performing Filters on Instasize

  • Adjusting photo settingsIf you want more control over the look of your photo, you can play around with different settings right on the app. You can change your photo’s exposure, contrast, brightness, sharpness, saturation, tint, warmth, shadows, and highlights, or even add grain or a vignette for a more dramatic effect.

    Adjusting Photo Settings

    Instasize also has powerful beauty tools for cleaning up your selfies. Free version users have access to a vibrance enhancing tool and a blemish removing tool. Premium users will enjoy both free tools, but also glow for moisturized, rejuvenated looking skin, whiten for brightening smiles, and tan for sunkissed beautifully bronzed skin.

    With a powerful Instagram photo editor, you have complete creative control over the look and feel of each photo.

  • Add Text StylesYou can make your photo even more interesting by overlaying text. Once you’re in the text settings (marked by an ‘A’ icon), add a text by choosing a font and typing the words you want to add. Change the color of the text by tapping the color wheel. You can also adjust the size and placement of your text by holding the black circle and moving the text field around.

    Adding a Border****Adding Text Styles

    Not only can you add text overlays on your photos, you can also transform your words into artistic layouts with the Instasize Text Styles design tool. Add your own words and create custom text-and-photo combos in seconds—no need to worry about font pairing, alignment, kerning, or any of the other technical stuff. Just choose from our selection of pre-built designs and shuffle them to make them your own.

    To add a border, tap the square icon to open Instasize’s gallery of patterns. Pick a theme you want to download and enjoy a large collection of different patterns that can complement any image. You can also upload an image to make an interesting contrasting border, or a blurred image to make your photo pop.

  • Upload to InstagramYou’ve just turned a good photo into a great, Instagram-worthy one with Instasize!

    Tap the share button and choose where you want to upload your photo. You can also send photos to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter straight from the app.

These are just the basics of what you can do with an all-around Instagram photo editor like Instasize. Play around with the app and its features and let your creativity flow! Pretty soon you’ll achieve the Instagram feed of your dreams.