Ever wonder how your favorite Instagram model or social media influencer never seem to have any sort of blemish on their skin? The truth is, they likely edit or retouch their skin before uploading-- and that’s perfectly okay! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enhance images to fit your Instagram brand, it’s an outlet for creativity afterall.

Of course, you want to retouch skin seamlessly that it looks almost natural. Heavily blurred images won’t make for good posts. Fortunately, you don’t need to learn the ins and outs of complicated editing software to retouch a selfie. Instasize can help you clear up blemishes and smoothen skin for a more polished look.

Retouch Skin Using Instasize

Using Instasize’s Beauty Tools, you can clear up acne and other spots, smoothen the skin, and brighten areas of your image. Depending on the composition of your photo, you might only need to use the Acne and Smooth tools.

Acne/Blemish Tool

Smooth Skin Tool

Vibrance Adjust

  • Step #1: On the InstaSize app, upload or open the selfie or photo you want to edit. Tap the beauty tool / face icon to access the different editing tools.
  • Step #2: Choose which beauty tool you want to apply first. Tap the acne icon to first clear out any visible blemishes on your face.
  • Step #3: Zoom in on your photo to whichever area you want treat with the acne tool. Tap the area to blur the spot. The more you tap, the stronger the effect of the acne tool will be, which makes it useful even for the most visible pimples.
  • Step #4: Want to control the intensity of the acne tool? Use the slider to set it to lower than 100. This gives the effect a better blend on your skin, making it look more natural. You can also use the remove tool or eraser to delete areas you have applied the acne tool on.
  • Step #5: Once you’re done treating spots and lines using the acne tool, go back to the beauty tools option and select Smooth.
  • Step #6: To apply the smooth tool, simply brush your finger to the areas of your photos you want to smoothen. The effect will be instant. If you think it’s too drastic or unnatural, you can use the slider to tone down the intensity of the smooth tool to your taste.

That’s it! Your photo should now look enhanced and more professional yet still subtle and natural. You don’t need to invest a lot of time and money to edit a photo to reflect your best self. The right tools and a light touch can do wonders.

A Few More Tips:

Zoom in as close as possible to make sure you are precise in applying Instaaize’s beauty tools. This ensures you’re not accidentally correcting areas you want to leave as is. Adjust settings like brightness and contrast to elevate your overall photo, not just your retouched skin. Give your photo an overall finish by choosing a filter that sets the feel and tone you’re going for with your selfie. Playing around with elements will really make any photo pop on the newsfeed.

A final retouch on selfies and photos can be what sets your post apart, giving it that professional and polished look. Remember that the goal is to enhance the beauty that’s already in the photo, instead of completely alter your look.