You can add frames to phones to photos to spice them up and make your Instagram pictures more fun. Sure, you may not see background borders everywhere on the ‘gram, but that’s exactly why it can be a great idea to add frames to photos on your feed. Here at Instasize, we take pride in our variety of background borders.

When building your personal brand, it’s absolutely key to create stunning and original content that allows you to stand out from the crowd. Even well-established brands and celebs like H&M and Mille Bobby Brown use background borders to enhance their imagery. Here’s a step-by-guide on how to add background borders to your photos while editing them in Instasize:


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Style hack: Team a high-waisted khaki skirt with a crisp white tee and magic WILL happen! 🔮✨#HM Jersey top: 0730946002 Skirt with a belt: 0708229001 2-pack necklaces: 0452511001

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just keep breathin 🗯

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How to Add Background Borders

  • Step #1: Upload your picture(s) to Instasize (or select a photo that has already been uploaded).

Add Frames to Photos

  • Step #2: Click on the photo you want to edit.

Add Frames to Photos

  • Step #3: The icons at the bottom of the screen are the icons that allow you to edit your photos. For example, the first icon allows you to select a filter, while the second allows you to tweak exposure, contrast and more. For this step, the third icon on the screen is the one you should select. This will show you various border options.

Add Frames to Photos

  • Step #4: Now it’s time to choose the border you’d like to use. For each border that we offer, you can adjust the slider to determine how large you’d like the border to be.

Add Frames to Photos

Instasize Border Types

  • Photo Borders: our photo border allows you to use a border from another photo to create a more dynamic aesthetic. When you click on the photo border, you’ll be prompted to select another photo that will serve as the border surrounding the original photo that you’re editing.

Photo Border

  • Blurred Borders: using the blue feature is a common aesthetic that is used on Instagram. When choosing the blur border option, your picture will be surrounding by a blurred version of the photo of your choice. When you click on the blur border, you’ll be prompted to select a picture that will be blurred around your original photo. You can choose a different picture, or alternatively you can select the original photo that will be blurred around the picture that you’re editing.

Blurred Border

  • Colored Borders: For a simple border that adds subtle style to your picture, you may want to choose the color border. You can choose from a variety of colors to serve as your picture border, and just like the other borders, you can use the slider to determine how large or small you’d like the border to be.

Colored Border

  • Patterned/Seasonal Borders: For a more bold look, Instasize has a variety of patterned and seasonal background borders.

Patterned Border

Patterned/Seasonal Border Options

  • Our Joy and Nordic borders are great for winter and the holidays.

Nordic Borders

  • Our Fall and Autumn borders add some fall style to your pics. You can even use our Boo filter set to get some spooky vibes going for Halloween.

Autumn Borders

  • Looking to create Valentine’s Day content? Add one of our XOXO or Love borders to your picture.

Valentine Borders

  • Our Blossom, Water, Floral, Spring and Vibes border sets are light and bright choices for spring and summer.

Water Borders

  • Get incredibly patriotic with our Merica border set. Did someone say Independence Day?

Merica Borders

  • Using our extensive collection of bold borders like Cosmic, Cosmic II, Camo, Geometric, Tribal, Nebula, Glitter, or Animal allows you to make even the simplest photos more adventurous.

Glitter Borders

  • For less adventurous but equally stylish patterned borders, try Line, Gold, BW, BW II, BW III, GC, or Dots.

bw3 Borders

  • Obsessed with the boho and/or farmhouse aesthetic? You should try our Wood border set.

Wood Borders

  • Our Marble border set, with 6 border options that channel the uber trendy quartz and marble aesthetic on Insta.

Marble Borders

No matter what your desired aesthetic is, our collection of 180 patterned borders and 42 other colored, photo, and blurred background borders are sure to provide you with many options to make your pictures more unique.

There you have it, a step-by-step guide on how you can use background borders to add frames to photos that you’re editing for Insta. Remember: utilizing background borders on your Insta photos can have serious style benefits. You’ll add personality to your Insta feed when you add frames to photos. What’s not to like about that?