The Photo Filters You Need to Get Attention

Remember, the game of social media is to make people stop scrolling and get their attention with your photos and videos. The easiest way to do that is with color. Humans are naturally attracted to color, and photo filters let you easily manipulate the colors in your photo to be more visually attractive.


Why Photo Filters?

Photos you take with your camera are not always the best. The colors can be dull, lighting could be off, and overall the image is just not optimized to get the attention you want. That is why using filters is an obvious must have. In short, cameras take photos they do not edit them. Use editing tools, like a photo filter app, to fix the imperfections in your photos.

Yeah we get it, photo editing and editing tools in general can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Photo filters are the easiest way to turn your dull unedited photo into an visually optimized photo that ready to get more attention.

Get Photo Filters for Your Images

You can buy bulky software like Lightroom or Photoshop, but honestly that is overkill. Since the majority of people, including us, are on our phones 24/7. It is pretty obvious that the easiest way to get photo filters for your images is by downloading a photo editor or photo filter app.

Instasize, with over 150 million downloads, is one of the top free photo editor apps in the App Store. Once you download the app, select an image from your photo library, and try one of over 130 premium photo filters.

Use Premium Photo Filters

Making photo filters is more of an art than a science, and each filter needs to be carefully designed to create the perfect consistent aesthetic look. At Instasize, we spend thousands of hours per year identifying new looks in our social culture and our team works to recreate them digitally for users to easily apply to their own images.

Your visual impression on social media matters, and that is why we cannot stress this enough. Only use photo filters that have been created from scratch to create visually attractive images. Spending a few dollars on premium filters is definitely worth the impression you will make on others.

Share Visually Engaging Photos

Once you have settled on your favorite filters and created a beautiful image, it is now time to share to your image with the world. Make sure to save your new photo at full resolution to capture all the great pops of color. A pro tip here is to check the resolution settings in Instasize, typically should be higher for iPhone photos.

Pick your new image from your photo library, upload to social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and now your photo is fully optimized to help you get more attention.


How Do I Apply A Photo Filter to My Image?

  1. Select your photos
    Applying a photo filter to your image is the easiest thing you can do in photo editing, especially on Instasize. First select a photo from your photo library, then tap next.
  2. Get the perfect look with filters
    Simply tap one of the filters in the Instasize photo editor, and automatically your photo will change colors and be visually attrative. Scroll through the entire library of filters, and try different ones until your find your favorite filters that are perfect for your image. Remember, since a filter changes each pixel in your image, it is best to only apply one photo filter to an image. Otherwise, your colors from one filter will mix with the other, and create a not very consistent aesthetic.
  3. Save your photo
    Now that you ran through the filter app and found the perfect style for your photo. It is time to save your edit, and share it with the world to get the attention you are looking for.

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