The Face Editor For Scroll Stopping Selfie Photos

Alright, you know social media is about grabbing attention, and the way to get attention is through photos. So, it is obvious that you must use the best photo editing tools to give yourself the best opportunity to get the most attention in each photo you share on social media.

Face editing is one of the easiest ways to increase your chances of attention on social media simply because humans are drawn to faces. So, of course you should make sure to use a face editor with all the tools you need whiten teeth, remove blemishes, and fix imperfections to create a great and natural first impression.

What is a Face Editor?

A face editor is a set of advanced editing tools specifically made for selfies. From a quick blemish fix to whitening teeth, a great face editor has all the tools you need to easily create a share worthy selfie photo in one tap.

It is so important that you always make sure to look your best. Face editing helps you create natural and subtle changes that enhance your appearance in photos, and give you the confidence to share your selfie photos on social media.

Remove Skin Blemishes

We can agree that blemishes on your skin always ruin photos. Lets face it, nobody wants to have their face covered in acne or scars, but photos do not wait for you skin to be perfect. So why not just apply a quick blemish fix to your selfie photo.

Remove blemishes and retouch your skin by using color enhancement touch up tools in our face editor to easily replace the redness and acne with natural looking skin in every portrait photo.

Smooth Wrinkles and Perfect Skin Tone

We all want the perfect skin and will do everything to avoid wrinkles especially when it comes to our selfie photos on social media. Use touch up tools to retouch your face and instantly smooth wrinkles for the perfect portrait photo.

Our AI photo editing touch up tools work by manipulating pixels to easily remove wrinkles and give you smooth skin in every selfie photo.

Whitening Teeth

Teeth whitening is a must for great looking portrait photography. Yellow stains on teeth are not very attractive and can push people away from looking at your photos. Thankfully, our face editor has the tools to whiten teeth and remove stains so you get the perfect smile with pearly whites in your portrait photo.

Teeth whitenting is one the most popular face editing tools. Just one tap, and you can retouch the color of your teeth from yellow and discolored to pearly whites with our simple teeth whtening editing tools. Now with the perfect smile, you can create the best first impression in every selfie photo.

Fix Facial Features

Nobody is perfect, we know that, but that does not mean we should not use our face editor to fix imperfections and achieve the natural beauty we want to see in our photos. Touch up tools are a great way to fix facial features and build our social confidence.

Adding volume to your lips, tighetning cheeks on your face, or increasing the size of your eyes are all subtle ways to enhance your features and get the appearance you want in your photos.

Change Hair Color

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with red hair? If that is too much, then maybe going from brunette to blonde would be fun. No matter what hair color you want to try, with our face editor you can instantly change your hair.

Our advanced editing tools for seamlessly change the color of your hair that nobody will be to tell what your natural color really is.

How to use a Face Editor

  1. Open Instasize
    To start face editing, open the Instasize app, avaiable on iPhone and Android. Tap the + button to select an image.
  2. Try the touch up tools
    Tap the tab bar to access all the face editing tools. Now pick the features you would like to change and slide on the touch up tools to instantly see the face features change in real-time.
  3. Share your selfie photo
    Once you are finished using the face editor and have created a natural looking selfie photo. Tap the share button to save the image so you can share the photo with everyone on social media

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