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Most posts on social media are single photos or videos, and your goal is to get as much attention as you can from your posts. So while it is very possible to get attention with single photos and videos using editing tools. Switch it up, and be different.

The easiest way to be different is to create photo collages. Beautiful photo collages are a great way to combine multiple photos and get the attention you are looking for. Edit photos, combine them into a photo collage using a photo collage maker, and now you are ready to share your picture collage with everyone on social media.

What is a Photo Collage?

A photo collage is a collection of photos combined to create one image. To make this easy, a collage maker adds photos together, puts them into collage cells determined by a collage design or layout, and creates the final image.

Either through a free-flowing collage layout or fixed photo grids, photo collages are easily one of the best ways to stand out on social media. It is also perfect for showing a lot of your favorite photos, at the same time, without posting multiple times.

Combine Images With Our Photo Collage Maker

Combining photos into a photo collage might seem hard to do, especially if you have no experience with photo editor tools. Luckily, our free collage maker makes it super easy to combine photos into a beautiful photo collage.

First, select some of your own photos, and pick a collage layout. The layout will fit the photo into collage cells. Then, if you want to reorder the images, just drag each image to the desired collage cells.

Hundreds of Collage Layouts

While combining photos into a photo collage is very simple using a photo collage maker. You still need to get creative juices flowing to combine your photos into a collage layout that looks the best. Our advice, rearrange images and cycle through collage layouts to find out what looks best. You will find the perfect photo collage when you see it. Remember to try colorful borders to bring your collage together.

With our free collage layouts, you can quickly make a picture collage and find the perfect layout that matches the collage design with the mood of your photos. Remember, collage layouts can also be Remember to try resized to fit different social media platforms.

How to make a collage on iPhone?

  1. Select your images
    Open the Instasize app and select the images you would like to combine into a photo collage. Ideally, you should edit the images before adding them to a collage. Remember, edited photos will make your collage look more cohesive.
  2. Combine images into photo collages
    The collage maker will shuffle your images and create a photo collage for you. Cycle through collage layouts until you find the collage that gives your images the perfect feel and mood.
  3. Share your collage
    Now you have the perfect collage ready to be shared on social media so you can start getting the attention you are looking for.

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