The Beauty Photo Editor that Makes Every Selfie a Stunner

Don’t let blemishes and poor lighting ruin otherwise shareable selfies. The Instasize beauty photo editor helps you bring out your natural radiance in every shot.

Instantly Improve Your Portraits with Vibrance

If your photo feels a little dull, our Vibrance tool is exactly what it needs. Vibrance brings out those beautiful details by making areas of your photo appear sharper and more, well, vibrant.

Get Fresh, Dewy Skin with Glow

Get moisturized, rejuvenated looking skin with Glow—no highlighter required. Like all of the tools in our beauty photo editor app, you can apply Glow right where you want it and create the perfect look for every photo.

Ditch Blemishes with Acne Tool

Quickly remedy skin issues with the Acne tool. Apply it to the pimple or mole you want to remove and use the slider to adjust the intensity—it’s like that bothersome spot was never there at all.

Whiten Smiles

Food stains and bad lighting can wreak havoc on otherwise stunning smiles. Use Whiten to put the “white” back in your pearly whites. Pro tip: this tool also works wonders on your backgrounds

Go Sunkissed

Healthy, tan skin looks gorgeous in photos, but it can be a pain to maintain a tan IRL. Use the Tan tool to get beautifully bronzed skin all year long. Use your fingers to apply it right to the right areas, then adjust the intensity until you get a natural, just-back-from-a-beach-vacation look.

Smooth Skin in Seconds

Get rid of wrinkles, lines, and marks with Smooth. This tool beautifully blurs your skin so that marks and pores are less apparent, leaving you with skin that looks naturally perfect, not fake and airbrushed.

How to Retouch Portraits with Instasize - The Beauty Photo Editor

Open the Instasize app and tap the photo you want to edit.
Choose the tool you want to use. Pinch and spread your fingers to zoom in and out on your image, and slide your fingers to apply the effect where you want it.
Tap the eraser icon to remove the effect from an area where you don’t want it, and use the slider to adjust the intensity.
Press the two squares icon next to the slider to see the before and after. When you’re done, tap the checkmark to apply your edits and move to the next beauty tool.

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