Add Text To Photos To Get Attention

Sometimes you need to grab attention with words. With colorful and beautiful fonts to match your photo, add text to photos to stand out and get more attention on your social media posts.

With the Instasize text tool, you can add text and find the perfect font style to create messaging that resonates with people on social platforms.

The Perfect Font Style For Your Photo

Photos are worth a million words, but actual words can deliver an impactful message on your photos. Add text to photos to create a compelling message for your photo and have them fit perfectly with great looking fonts. With over 50 font styles to choose from, Instasize Photo Editor is the text tool with everything you need to edit text the way you need to get your message across.

All The Text Effects You Need to Edit

Adding text to photos alone will not get you the attention you are looking for. Use the Instasize Text Tool to create visually engaging text that match your photos. Make your text pop with shadow effect, add emphasis with text alignment, and easily change the font to find the perfect match.

How to add text to photos

  1. Select your photo
    Open the Instasize app, and select a photo from your libary. If possible, use a photo with a solid background. If that is not the case, you can always add a color border.
  2. Add text to photo
    Tap the text icon on the tab bar to open the text box. Write you message, then choose the font style, text alignment, and font size that fits best with your photo. Pro Tip: To increase your chances of attention, make sure to edit your photo before adding text.
  3. Save your photo
    And just like that you now learned how to add beautiful text to photos that are ready to share on social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

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