Bonus Content: Zach Facts & Droning with Zach

Instasize: Hey, Zach, can you tell us some facts? Zach Facts?

Zach Fackrell: Some Zach Facts. I mean, I don't know if they're Zach Facts, but I'll tell you some fun Zach Fact stories.

ZF: Before droning was super big or whatever, not everybody had a DGI drone, I got to go help a guy named Chris on a shoot for a luxury cruise called the Windsail, some huge boat. We sailed from Venice to Albania, and then to Croatia. They had huge, big drones. I was his assistant or whatever. That was my first experience with drones. After that, people thought that I was on set with that kind of thing, and I got contacted to go to the Philippines with a company with extreme tricking and wakeboarding.

ZF: That's when I figured out that drones, once you know how to fly a drone, it's like, "Dude, we need a drone guy to come fly over this or get this extra shot." Those are the kind of angles that add the value to a shot or help establish things. Whenever I go someplace, I really like getting the drone out first to see what's around and then just get those cool perspectives. It's just like, it's like a toy. You just get to zip around with a little video game.

IS: Is it basically like flying one of those little airplanes that I got for Christmas this year?

ZF: Those things are way harder than actual drones, but I guess so. Like the little, tiny, little palm ones?

IS: Yeah.

ZF: I can't fly those.

IS: Dang.

ZF: I've had a couple different drones in the last couple years, but now, they're getting tinier. It's awesome.

IS: Very, very cool. Do you have any more Zach Facts for us?

ZF: Yeah, let me think, something about the largest recorded tsunami. Where do you think it was?

IS: I don't know, Zach. Now, you're asking me the questions. I don't know.

ZF: I'm pretty sure-

IS: I would say Thailand.

ZF: I'm pretty sure this is a fact. You can fact check it. It was in Alaska. Yeah.

IS: Alaska.

ZF: Like, a glacier broke off, made a wave, washed out some, like, miles up onto the shore or something.

ZF: If I thought about it, I could probably, I'll email you a list of my Zach Facts. I got a lot.

IS: That's a good Zach Fact right there. I had no idea that Alaska was the place where the largest tsunami was. Very cool.

ZF: That'll be my next trip, actually. End of July, I'm headed to Alaska, so look for that one.

IS: Well, we hope that you don't run into any tsunamis while you're up there.

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