Youtube Marketing: Key Techniques to Grow Your Channel

Youtube’s monthly active users rate is rapidly moving towards 2 billion, with a whopping 5 billion videos being watched on a daily basis. With these impressive statistics, it’s clear that you should be focusing on growing your Youtube channel.

You want subscribers that will actually engage with the content you put out. This means avoiding common Youtube growth mistakes and instead building likes, comments, and shares. You want them to enjoy what they find on your channel, and not just scroll past videos for something else to watch.

How do you grow your subscriber count without foregoing the quality of the content you post? Check out these Youtube marketing ideas you can apply even if you’re just starting out:

1. Pick a great thumbnail.

Youtube Marketing

The video’s thumbnail will be the viewer’s first glimpse at your video. You want to catch their attention. Firstly, make sure they’re at 16:9 aspect ratio and that they are as high quality as your video.

Your video thumbnail is the perfect way to brand your videos. Give them a similar look, or even add your logo to make it look cohesive and reinforce your branding. Choose a font style or color and stick to it. Consistency is key.

Select screenshots of your video that is interesting and teases your potential viewer, too. It has to be relevant to the title, maybe even funny, but shouldn’t give everything away.

2. Create compelling titles.

You just made an awesome video, but you won’t get people to simply watch it without drawing them in, and a large part of that is how to title your video.

How should you write a video title? Here’s what usually gets clicks on Youtube:

  • Titles that are keyword-oriented. It helps Youtube’s search engine find your video for relevant searches.

  • Titles that are 60 characters long. You want them to be short enough for viewers to read at a glance.

  • Titles that are descriptive. You’re not figuring out a title of a film. Youtube viewers appreciate being told what they’re in for with the title.

Youtube Marketing

3. Share on social media.

Posting a video without promoting or sharing on social media is incomplete. You want your followers to also be subscribers on your YouTube channel. Make sure you share your video according to best practices and what works well on a specific platform.

Post a mini trailer on Instagram, taking care to choose a cover photo that aligns well with the rest of your feed. Share the thumbnail on Twitter and link to your YouTube video. If you make use of hashtags wisely, you’ll be able to tap other people who might be looking for the type of content you produce.

While you can adopt many strategies and techniques to grow your subscribers, nothing beats quality content. Stay true to your brand identity and you won’t just amass a large following, you’re also guaranteed to keep them around!

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