Why Scheduling Instagram Posts Is A Must For Your 2019 Marketing Strategy

Instagram usage doubled between 2016 and 2018, and it is now the most engaged social network in the world. We’re expecting the app’s popularity to keep growing into 2019, which is why brands and influencers need to be at the top of their game more than ever.

It’s a new year, marketing strategies and plans are well under way, and brands are naturally looking for new ways to grow in 2019. Social media is a core part of marketing activity, regardless of industry or target audience. With 60% of users discovering new products and making purchasing decisions on Instagram, its power as a digital marketing tool in 2019 is undebatable.

For brands, influencers, photographers and creatives to stay ahead on Instagram, they need to invest time in their Instagram marketing strategy. One of the most valuable ways to grow your account is to visually plan and schedule your content in advance! Thankfully, there are content marketing tools to help you exactly with that. In this article we’ll outline why scheduling will take your Insta-game to the next level, and let you know how to get started...

Instagram Scheduling: The Benefits

1. Organization

First and foremost, scheduling Instagram stories or posts in advance is a fundamental organization tactic. You feel in control of what content is going out when, and never have the last minute panic when you realise you forgot to post! This is particularly necessary when you have an event, product launch or announcement approaching, and need to be very active on Instagram. You can plan your campaigns with plenty of time for amendments, as well as craft the perfect captions. Social media planning and Instagram scheduling tools also organise your workflow by saving you switching between different apps and websites!

2. Plan A Beautiful Feed

In order to have an Instagram profile that stops people in their tracks, you need to be planning your overall feed and grid aesthetic! This is your opportunity to get creative and convey your or your brand’s personality. The aim is for Instagram content to look good as individual posts as well as in the grid, and brand’s who are doing this well have transformed their profiles into beautiful brochures and galleries. With the amount of people discovering brands on the app increasing, your Instagram profile is now as important as your website.

Whether it’s a consistent colour pallet or frames that create a grid pattern, scheduling tools give you the ability to visually plan your feed and ensure your posts don’t clash once published!

3. Posting Consistency

Regularly posting to Instagram is important to keep your content at the forefront of your followers’ minds. However, what’s even more important is posting consistency! If you publish 10 posts in one day, but then don’t post again for a week, you’re telling the Instagram algorithm that you’re a sporadic or inconsistent user. It will also be detrimental for your audience loyalty as they won’t see regular content. If you’re managing multiple Instagram accounts, it can be easy to neglect one, or reach writer’s block with content. Scheduling Instagram posts in advance allows you to ensure consistency, and plan content around a calendar so no gaps are left. By posting consistently, your audience will become used to seeing your content and perceive you as a reliable brand!

4. Time Saving

Naturally, scheduling Instagram posts in advance saves time! You can prepare a week’s worth of content in one go, and then not worry about posting manually or being near your phone. This is hugely valuable for businesses wanting to spend more time and resources on other areas of social media management, such as content creation or community engagement. For those using Instagram for work, it also takes away the need to be working on your phone in evenings and on weekends!

5. Post When Your Audience Are Online

With more and more Instagram algorithm updates affecting our feeds and engagement rates, it’s becoming harder to get your Instagram posts seen! The algorithm not only factors in how much engagement your posts get, but also how fast they get it. It’s therefore important to know when your audience are online and active, and make sure you’re posting at those times! Using this free tool from Hopper HQ, you can connect your business Instagram account to find your best time to post on each day! Scheduling allows you to publish at the optimum time for engagement, regardless of time zone or impractical hours!

6. Post From Desktop

A key limitation of Instagram — and the baine of many a social media managers’ life — is the inability to upload and post from their desktop site. For all businesses and creatives who produce and manage the majority of their content on external cameras and computers, this is a big problem! Swapping between desktop and mobile and sending files back and forth gets time consuming and messy. Using a scheduling tool minimises this lengthy process and lets you upload your photos and videos straight to Instagram from your computer.

Sounds like a no brainer, right? Instagram are yet to release a way to schedule posts in the app as Facebook have done for business pages. You therefore need to use a scheduling tool, like Hopper HQ to post on your behalf. Happy scheduling!

Author: Nicola Cronin - Marketing Manager, Hopper HQ

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