Packing for an African Safari can be difficult. For our Instasize Creator Tour we went to Africa during the winter, so our packing list might look a little different than yours. Winter in Africa is June through September. Generally, this is the high season for visiting Africa because there are less bugs and it is cooler.

If you go on an African Safari in the Winter make sure you pack these essentials:

we’ve provided our favorite amazon selections of each of these items


In the early morning, game drives Safaris can get really cold, having a few sweaters is good maybe one to sleep in and one to wear in on the safari in the mornings.

Our Favorite: Wantdo Men's Cotton Stand Collar Lightweight Front Zip Jacket

African Safari - Instasize Creator Tour

Long hiking socks

Having some type of long, moisture wicking socks will save you when it gets hot outside.

Our Favorite: ThemeDesigner Premium Merino Wool Blend Socks

African Safari - Instasize Creator Tour

An awesome photo and stories editing app

Our favorites are obviously Instasize and Made. We have tons of Africa inspired looks that will make your instagram posts and stories look incredible.

Download Instasize | Download Made

African Safari - Instasize Creator Tour

Hiking boots

These are an absolute must. The amount of dust that happens in a safari, and if you plan on getting out of the safari car, you’ll want these to avoid the stickers and things that could be lurking in the long grass.

Our Favorite: Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Boot

African Safari - Instasize Creator Tour

Cargo pants

Having pants with a lot of pockets will not only be handy, but also make you look like a pro safari explorer.

Our Favorite: NAWONGSKY Women's Utility Cargo Pants

African Safari - Instasize Creator Tour

Khaki button up

The classic safari look is only achieved by having an old scout shirt or khaki button up.

Our Favorite: Carhartt Men's Twill Short Sleeve Work Shirt

African Safari - Instasize Creator Tour


These are a must. A lot of times your guide will spot an animal in the distance and you will need binoculars to be able to see them.

Our Favorite: 12x42 Roof Prism Binoculars

African Safari - Instasize Creator Tour

Lots of bug spray

There are a lot of bugs and mosquitos in Africa, so bringing 100% deet will hopefully do the trick. If you really don’t want any bug bites consider spraying everything with Permethrin before your trip.

African Safari - Instasize Creator Tour

Your favorite snacks

If possible bring a lot of your favorite snacks. Safari drives can be long and you can get pretty hungry. Having your favorite snack so far from home will be a real treat.