Looking for gift ideas for this Valentines Day season? Have no fear! We are here to assist you in all things gift giving. Whether you're looking to spoil that special someone in your life OR trying to ball out on a budget, here's our top 5 gifts for this Valentines Day.

Plan an Experience

Plan an Experience

Although flowers and chocolates are great, they both come with an expiration date. Instead of spending money on things that will quickly disappear, why not plan an experience the both of you can enjoy. Whether it be a little weekend getaway to a nearby city (air bnb has some great deals for weekend rentals) or a date day at a local amusement park, museum, National Park, a day trip to somewhere new..the goal is to both experience something new for the first time, but together.

Wrist Candy > Actual Candy

Wrist Candy

Simple sophistication, the exact words that come to mind when we think of Arvo's wrist wear line up. Surprise the lovely lady, or man, in your life with an artisan crafted watch that you can have delivered for under $100 bucks. There's no better time (see what we did there) to treat your loved one's with a quality watch they will cherish forever.

Something Handmade

Handmade Gift

Don't panic, we know not everyone is crafty and/or artistic. This gift idea centers more around thoughtfulness. Print out some photos of you and your honey and have them framed! Accompany this with a nice home made dinner, oh come on, if you can read + follow directions you can cook! Or at least try* to cook. Your significant other will appreciate the effort and a simple night at home can often say the most. Add another personal touch with a hand-written love letter, put your thoughts to paper, an act that will never go out of style.

*Bonus; people rarely print out their photos anymore, so why not create a fun memory book with all of your photos right on your phone? There are a ton of great services out there to assist you with this. Craft fun photo albums that will be cherished for years to come! Our friends over at Chatbooks can help you with this.

A Day of Pampering

A Day of Pampering

This gift idea may be on the more expensive end of our gift guide. Funny that a day of relaxation at a spa usually comes with a very high ticket price! But who doesn't love being pampered? Treat your loved one to a couples massage (and in the process treat yo' self, that's where the couple aspect comes in). Treat your lady (or man) to a mani/pedi! Yes, guys need to take care of their nails as well! Most spa's will offer some type of Valentines Day discount, but we recommend calling about these like...yesterday. So get on it!

Recreate your First Date

Recreate your first date

This gift idea is one of our personal favorites. What's cuter than recreating your very first date?! You can even take it a step further and pretend this is legit the first date, get to know each other all over again...and in the process fall a little further in love (or "like" for you newbies) all over again.

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