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Like any other social platform, Instagram is constantly improving its features to provide users with the best benefits for business-to-business communication. As a strongly visual network, its updates are tightly connected to images and video quality. People spend 80% of their time online watching videos, and that percentage will only be higher in the future. So, how can video help businesses get the most out of Instagram? There are lots of options and even more tips served to you online, just be sure to pick the ones that suit your brand voice!

Interrupt the pattern of photos with video

Even though video is strongly on the rise, Instagram users are still mostly publishing photos. Research from 2017 showed that the 30 most engaging publishers posted 67% photos and 33% videos on this network. To get the attention of your target audience on Instagram, you should try something that will stand out in their feed.

Videos for Instagram are short, fun, creative and, most importantly, engaging. Viewers love that type of content as long as it suits their interests. Your video should please both sides - your business’ and viewer’s, who is also your potential customer.

To please your business, you have to achieve three things.

  • First: You have to present your company or its product/service. This means that by watching your video, the viewer will understand who created this video and why.

  • Second: You have to have a clear message. Don’t have more than one message in your video. Try to be focused on one goal and let that goal determine the message.

  • Third: You have to measure the results and use them. If the video is getting a lot of traction, analyze the audience. By knowing your audience, your content will become more important to them.

To please the viewer, these are the things you should keep in mind. First, you have to include the viewer. Those who will be watching your video are the key to a successful social media strategy. Invite them to visit your website, use the promo code for discount, or simply to leave a comment below the video. Second, make it entertaining for them to watch it all the way. You don’t always have to include humor to make something interesting. Videos can have creative visual elements or a warm story to catch the viewer’s eye. Third, you have to follow the tone of the previous communication you had on social media. If you start communicating via video, the way you communicate shouldn’t completely change. What you were talking about before, through photos and text, is now just transmitted into a more engaging medium - video.

Steps in creating a video for Instagram

There is a lot of it that could be said and shown in 60 seconds, which is the limit for Instagram videos shown in users’ news feeds. How can you determine what to include and what to leave for another upcoming video? Putting everything on a piece of paper or in a document will help you get a clearer picture. Make sure that the video has its flow! Every second of the video needs to be aligned with the video’s purpose. For example, if you’re announcing your new product or a feature, information about previous products is not necessary to mention.

After you’ve decided on the concept, think of a video format. As Instagram has its preferences with photos, it has preferences with videos as well. A recommended format is MOV or MP4. The size that is recommended for timeline videos is 640x640 pixels, and 750x1334 pixels for Instagram stories. You might think this is not as important as the message your video is delivering, but not adjusting your video to the social-network-specific standards can seriously affect the level of exposure that video is getting. To quickly create or edit Instagram videos you can use InVideo. It has templates for both in-feed and story video posts to ensure you get the dimensions right.

One more important element in creating your business videos for Instagram is making sure they are captioned. When users are scrolling through their feed, videos are mostly muted until you decide to turn on the sound. If you think about the fact that a lot of users even watch muted videos because of the noise around them or they’re at the office so they don’t want to turn on the sound, it gets easier to understand why your videos truly need subtitles.

Examples of business videos for Instagram

  • A day at the office: Let your followers take a look inside your company and help them get to know your company culture and your employees. This way, you will not only get closer to your followers, but you will also attract some new talent for your company. Just keep it fun and interactive!

  • Behind the scenes: Show your followers what happens behind the scenes and give them little exclusive insights. For instance, if you are a company that sells a product, show the production or distribution process. If you are a SaaS company, you do a video interview on how you came up with new updates, etc.

  • Announce a product update: Product announcements, whether it’s a new feature or integration, can really boost engagement, help you acquire new followers, and re-engage existing ones. These videos will give you the ability to pitch each one of your products to millions of people at the same time.

  • Customer testimonials: A good B2B marketing strategy builds credibility and trust. And what better way to do that than with a customer testimonial? Ask your most enthusiastic customers to record their thoughts about using your product and share what they love about your company with others. This reflects well on your customer service too! 

  • Explainer videos: Yes, Instagram is not sales-oriented, but why not use it for showing viewers how to use your product or service? Create engaging explainer videos with step-by-step instructions, offer additional options or ideas for utilization, and ask viewers to comment how they prefer to use what you sell. If you have well-crafted explainer videos or product demos, you can post it on Instagram Feeds. This classic feature allows you to post 1-minute long pre-recorded videos that generate a ton of engagement since users can interact with it through comment sections.  Big brands use this tactic as a way to win their target's attention and successfully communicate what solutions they offer. 

Pro Tip: Learn the pros and cons of using Instagram to market your content, check out this great guide on the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram and what you need to know


When starting a business, You can never go wrong with having a presence on any of the existing social platforms - but the key is in knowing how to use each one effectively. If you want to run a successful profile on Instagram, your company has to behave more like a person and less like a company. Humanizing your brand is what works for most companies on this platform. Have fun and create an interesting persona for your company, decide on what type of communication you would like to use, how active you would like to be, etc.

There are a lot of mobile applications that can ease your process of creating and sharing videos on Instagram. Don’t waste your time anymore and start exploring all of the tricks that can help you improve your B2B Instagram strategy.

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