Use Instasize to Upload Photos to Snapchat

With talk of a recent rumor that could change the way the service is used forever, Snapchat is back on everyone’s radar. An exclusive report by Reuters released late in January broke the news that Snapchat’s considering revising the very backbone of their app: they may consider making snaps longer-lasting, or even permanent. It remains to be seen whether they’ll be pushing through with the update and how users will react, but it shows the platform is far from being abandoned.

Why should you still care about Snapchat? Despite stiff competition from Instagram Stories causing a drop in its overall user base, Snapchat’s still a solid social media platform on its own merit. In fact, last year they took steps to implement features that benefited both brands and individual creators alike, such as giving brands data and targeting tools for location foot traffic or finally providing reach and engagement metrics to users.

So for those dipping back into Snapchat after an absence and for those trying it out for the first time, here’s one tip that goes a long way in sending great-looking snaps.

Upload to Snapchat Using Your Camera Roll

You heard right. True to form for the originator of Stories, sending messages via Snapchat mostly emphasizes the spur of the moment nature of communication. Usually, taking snaps to add to your Story or to send to a friend means opening your camera and taking a photo then and there. However, if you want to send or post something a little more polished—or even a photo a few days old you still want to share—Snapchat’s got you covered. It’s possible to upload from your camera roll.

How do you shared your saved images with your friends? First, make sure you’ve granted the app access to your photos in the first place, at least if you’re on iOS.

  • Step #1: Head to your “Settings” menu.

  • Snapchat from Camera Roll

  • Step #2: Click on the “Privacy” option.

  • Snapchat from Camera Roll

  • Step #3: Select “Photos” and search for Snapchat in the list of apps that appears.

  • Snapchat from Camera Roll

  • Step #4: Choose the “Read & Write” option for Snapchat.

  • Snapchat from Camera Roll

If you’re on version 8 or above of iOS, you can share by selecting a photo from your camera roll, clicking the “Share” button at the bottom-left of the screen, and choosing Snapchat. This will bring up the in-app editing options for you to tweak your photo a bit before sending to your friends.

If you’re on Android or other similar non-iOS phone operating systems, a square will appear when you’re already on the chat screen where you can select photos directly from the camera roll.

If you want to add a previously-taken photo to your Story, things are a little bit different. Snapchat places a white border around photos taken in another app to subtly “shame” the individual sharing them, but there’s a way around that.

  • Step #1: Open your ‘Photos’ App and Navigate to the ‘Snapchat’ folder that was automatically created upon allowing Snapchat access to your photos.

  • Snapchat from Camera Roll

  • Step #2: Select ‘Edit’ located in the upper righthand corner.

  • Snapchat from Camera Roll

  • Step #3: Select ‘Add’ located at bottom center-screen.

  • Snapchat from Camera Roll

  • Step #4: Select photos you want to add to the ‘Snapchat’ memories folder, then select ‘Done.’

  • Snapchat from Camera Roll

  • Step #5: Launch Snapchat and select the ‘memories’ icon located under the record circle-button.

  • Snapchat from Camera Roll

  • Step #6: Select ‘Import from Camera Roll’ at the bottom of the screen, where you’ll find your imported camera roll images, and select ‘Import.’

  • Snapchat from Camera Roll

  • Step #7: Your imported photos will now be available to post on Snapchat as memories.

Editing the Perfect Snap

Encouraged now to use this feature to prepare better snaps? You can use Instasize as a Snapchat editor to make sure they look flawless. The first thing you need to think about is your photo’s size and cropping. Snapchat doesn’t look kindly on horizontally oriented photos, especially when shared to the Story, so you adjust your photos by zooming in and cropping accordingly.

Next, it’s time to add filters. You can choose from a variety of both paid and free filters on Instasize, and they’re conveniently grouped into sets of three that tackle similar aesthetics. Try experimenting with the best filters suited to each kind of photo! After selecting your chosen filter, you can fine-tune it even more by going into the sliders to adjust more minute details like highlights, shadows, and more.

When you’re finished editing your photo, it’s time to upload to Snapchat using your camera roll and continue adding doodles, stickers, geofilters, and more.

Having a multi-purpose editing app on hand lets you play around with producing high-quality and visually pleasing posts on any social media network you might have. With new updates to Snapchat, maybe it’s time to revisit it to see what’s new. You’d be surprised how it still gives you the freedom to express yourself—even if sharing methods can be a bit convoluted!

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