Unfiltered Podcast: Ft. Instagram Modeling Queen Diana Miaus

This is an excerpt from our new podcast series, Unfiltered, and has been edited for length and clarity.

Instasize: Hello everybody, and thank you for joining us for another episode of the Instasize Unfiltered Podcast. I am here with the lovely Diana from Diana Miaus, like cats. That is how I remember it. She can tell you, this entire trip, I have had the hardest time with people's names. I don't know why. So, I apologize if, at any time, I know it's Diana, but if I say Diana, I'm sorry. Diana.

Diana Miaus: It's okay.

IS: But let's go ahead and get right into it. So, Diana is the only creator we've had from any trip that we've done, whether it be Vietnam or Tokyo, who's from a different country. You grew up in Spain.

DM: Yes.

IS: And you currently live in Spain.

DM: Yes.

IS: And you currently travel all over the world.

Diana Miaus

DM: Yeah, that's what I was going to say. I'm not in Spain most of the time.

IS: Yeah. So you ... I know earlier in conversation we had been talking about ... you're traveling for the next month.

DM: Yeah.

IS: So where are you headed to? What's on your schedule?

DM: Well, I left home two weeks ago and I went to Mallorca, Barcelona, I came here. Tomorrow I'm going to Vietnam and then I'm going back to Ibiza and I don't have ticket back home yet.

IS: You don't have a ticket back home? Living the dream. When I graduated college, I wanted to move to Greece, not buy a ticket. Well, not move, but I wanted to go to Greece, not buy a ticket home and just figure it out. But then I fell in love and that didn't happen.

DM: Aw, that's so beautiful.

Diana Miaus

IS: So no complaints, no complaints. But how do you pack for something where you really don't know when you're coming home? How do you pack?

DM: Yeah, it's really hard. I just try to prepare because I always try to combine my outfits with the destinations as well. So I try to fit as many outfits as possible. Yeah, it's hard.

IS: Do you find yourself buying outfits or buying stuff when you're out and about?

DM: Yeah, totally.

IS: Or do you restrict yourself from purchasing?

DM: No, and sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

IS: You have to do. Yes. Spoken like a true creator. You do create full time. You have a blog, you have your beautiful Instagram, the queen of dresses and perfect posing, ladies and gentlemen. I'm not even kidding. You have to check out her handle.

DM: Shut up.

Diana Miaus

IS: I swear! You are ... She gave me a lesson today. She took my photo. It was an honor. I was floored and she taught me how to pose and I was really trying. But the queen herself, I'm like, bow down. But what were you doing before creating full time?

DM: Well, I did study psychology and marketing before swapping my dedication to being a full time creator. I was being community manager and working in social media marketing, and that make the change easier.

IS: A lot easier. So you said you studied psychology.

DM: Yeah.

IS: So when comes to Instagram, what is your favorite aspect of the platform?

DM: Well, my favorite for me is how you can connect with people that are like minded and they are passionate about the same things as you are. So that's for me is the best. You can connect with someone from US, from Australia, it doesn't matter where they are. If you have the same desire of creation and traveling the world and aesthetics and everything. For me that's like magic. It's beautiful.

But from a psychological perspective, I don't know. For me it's very interesting how Instagram can influence the travel decisions of their users. You see a picture and then you start watching it a couple of times more. And then more and more in the platform and it creates like the need of traveling to that place. And that's really, really interesting.

Diana Miaus

IS: It's crazy to think that we literally planned this entire trip around content creation, right? We wanted to provide opportunities for creators like yourself to not only network and collaborate with one another, but to create an experience while we do it. Right? So it's both work and play, but I feel like in your position, it's always work and play, right? You love what you do.

DM: I love my work.

IS: You love your work. Okay. So when it comes to connecting with other like-minded people, is there anybody that you follow on Instagram that you haven't met yet that you would love to meet or collaborate with? Or is there a celebrity you'd love to meet that you haven't yet? Who is your person?

DM: Who is my person? Oh, that's interesting. I never had this question before. For example, I was so happy to join this trip because I've been following Joanna for so long ... Well, it was mutual. And we finally met here, but I think we've followed each other for one or two years.

IS: Wow.

DM: And it's so good that we-

IS: Got to meet.

DM: Yeah, we got to meet here.

IS: That's amazing. You guys have just been-

DM: Thank you.

IS: Oh you're welcome. Wow.

DM: Yeah, it was amazing.

Diana Miaus

IS: Look at that. We're bringing people together here at Instasize.

DM: I have many people that I admire in Instagram and I'm happy to meet everyone actually.

IS: Yeah. That's amazing. So when it comes to Instagram and someone comes and visits your page for the very first time, what is a message or the takeaway that you would like for them to have after spending some time with your content?

DM: Well, my page is totally inspiring. It's not like a billboard or anything, it's just fully travel. So what I like them to see is the beauty of the world, like the beautiful places you can find everywhere in the world. And many times I try to go to the less common places or even to the very touristy and Instagram-able place, but showing it in a different perspective or angle so you can innovate a bit. I love to do that.

IS: I've personally seen you in action. I've seen you take pictures of Layla. I've seen you essentially frame a shot and have Layla take pictures of you. So do you ever travel solo?

DM: Yeah. many times.

Diana Miaus

IS: Okay. And when you're traveling solo, how do you take your pictures?

DM: Most of the times, even if I'm traveling with someone that I know, sometimes I prefer to set the tripod myself. And for me it's easier because I'm so used to do that when I'm traveling alone that I know how to take the shot that I want. Sometimes I have to give so many instructions and it's a bit of a mess. But when I get to a place and I want to take a picture, I envision it and I need to create.

IS: Absolutely.

DM: So I set the tripod, the settings of the camera, I calculate more or less where I have to be in the picture. I set the timer, I go strike a pose for a few shots, then I come and check if I'm in the right position.

IS: How many pictures do you think you'd take to get the perfect shot?

DM: Maybe for a shot that I will share, I can really easily take like 100 pictures of the same place. Because I take bursts in 10 photos each time. So I will take 10 photos. We'll check and each time I'm correcting something until I get what I want.

Diana Miaus

IS: Well, your pictures are astounding. After we signed you onto this trip, I obviously spent some time getting to know everybody because I wanted to make sure that this is an enjoyable experience for you and that we're in places that appeals to the type of content that you're trying to create. But you're very ... Beginning stages of Instagram, what were your photos like? Were they pretty similar to what you have now or how did you get to this point?

DM: No. Because I started Instagram back in the day, in 2012, where I didn't have any idea about Lightroom or anything. And I would edit my pictures with the Instagram filters.

IS: But everyone edited with it. Remember when Instagram-

DM: Yeah, they were so bad.

IS: I remember people would ... when Instagram first existed, I would tell people, "I only use it edit my pictures for Facebook." It hurts to even say it. But all of my pictures on there from way back in the day ... I left them. They're there, but I cringe. I'm like, oh goodness.

DM: No, I don't cringe because they are still travel photos, but yeah, they are not like they are now. Not at all. A different thing. Yeah.

Diana Miaus

IS: Where do you see rhe Deanna Miaus brand going? Aside from travel, is there anything else that you'd like to adventure or explore?

DM: Yeah, actually I would love to start a dress brand, for example.

IS: Really? You have to. You absolutely have to.

DM: I'd love to do that.

IS: You have the most beautiful dresses. Every day, she's worn a dress and they're always beautiful.

DM: Thank you.

Diana Miaus

IS: But you should absolutely design your own dresses.

DM: You're the sweetest.

IS: I support this idea. I'm so stoked.

DM: I would really love to do that, but currently I'm so busy with trips and other projects, because Instagram takes a lot of time. Traveling as well, and my blog as well, so it's not really easy to do, but I will make it.

IS: It is not an easy task what you guys do. I think that's a huge misconception when it comes to creators, fulltime creators. People see these beautiful images and they just think it's so easy, right? You go to this place, you take some photos. But there is a lot, a lot, a lot of work that goes into it.

DM: Yeah. And I think the ones that are where they are, it's because they work hard and it's the only way to get to the best content you can have.

IS:You work hard. There is no one ... Every single day that we've been out here, it has been nonstop from sunrise to sunset and I don't think there's been a single day where you haven't showed up so happy to be here and to work, and I'm grateful for that.

Diana Miaus

It's been so nice getting to meet you during this trip and I can't thank you enough for joining us.

DM: No, thanks to you. thanks to Instasize.

IS: You're welcome. In closing, we've asked everyone this question just because I think it ties into your overall mission as a creator ... but if you had the opportunity to have the attention of the entire world for five minutes, what would you tell these people?

DM: I would say them that everything they do, they should do it with love and treat everyone with love. It doesn't matter if it's a human person, or an animal or a flower. Everybody deserves love and that would create a better world for everybody.

IS: Absolutely. I cannot stop smiling. Well, thank you so much for everything during this.

DM: Thank you.

IS: You've been such a pleasure to work with and I hope our paths cross again, some where beautiful.

DM: I hope so too.

Diana Miaus

IS: I'll help you take your pictures. I was helping her the other day.

DM: I wanted to take more pictures of you.

IS: Oh, I wanted to ask you, hold on. Okay, before we go, one more thing. Do you have any tips on posing?

DM: Yes.

IS: Because you are the queen, the absolute queen. So for people who are new to Instagram or new to the world that you are currently living in, what advice would you give them for posing or just to get involved with content creating?

DM: I think the most important thing is not care about others, because when you're posing you will gather some stares from strangers. Just do your thing, and maybe you can even get profit of even the smile because it's like, "Oh, it's so funny. They're so looking at me." And-

IS: People were taking pictures of you everywhere we went. Because I mean, it's a sight to see when someone is just doing their thing and you do it very well.

DM: Thank you.

Diana Miaus

IS: Amazing. Well, thank you guys so much for tuning in. Make sure you check out Diana Miaus on Instagram and we'll catch you next time in a different country.

DM: Bye.

IS: Ciao. Arrividerci.

DM: Adios.

IS: Thanks for listening to today's Unfiltered podcast episode brought to you by Instasize. Follow us for more behind the scenes content from creators you love.

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