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This is an excerpt from our new podcast series, Unfiltered, and has been edited for length and clarity.

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Instasize: All right, and welcome to the Instasize podcast! We're so excited to have Marisa on the show today, she's amazing and we're in Vietnam! Woohoo!

Marisa Hampe: It's incredibly beautiful, hi there.

IS: Hi, she's amazing. And her Instagram handle is @marisahampe.

MH: Exactly.

IS: And she is incredible. So I'm so thrilled to have you on the show.

MH: Thank you so much.

IS: Awesome! Well we've loved having you, and you're from? Germany?

MH: Germany, exactly.

Marisa Hampe

IS: Right, and I just love hearing your accent it's so pretty, so gorgeous. Just pausing right here, she is one of the most talented content creators I have ever seen. So you literally are like a natural in front of the camera, how do you do that? How are you so good at what you do?

MH: I'm not sure what it is 100% about but I feel like I accepted myself how I am so I think that I can also express myself how I am. That's why it's probably working.

IS: That's really cool, it's amazing to see your beautiful feed I just love it!

MH: Thank you so much.

IS: How many followers do you have now?

MH: 135K right now.

IS: Wow. How did you get started? What's the story? How did you start from zero now to 135K? It's amazing.

MH: Actually I'm an artist and I started to share my illustrations on Instagram and that was around five years ago when I started that, and there were a lot of feature sites that featured me so I got my first thousand. Then I had a hobby, I [shot] some abandoned places in Berlin.

IS: Cool!

Marisa Hampe

MH: Instagram itself saw it and asked me to do work for them through some abandoned places in Berlin, so I said yes of course I'm gonna do that. That was the first time that I connect with people in real life from social media and that gave me such motivation to continue and also to share my travels. Which was my biggest passion, and yeah that's how it all started actually.

IS: That's incredible, so it all started from your art and it kind of shifted into this travel space.

MH: Exactly.

IS: How often do you travel? I'm curious.

MH: It seems more often on Instagram probably than it is but around 12 times a year or even often around once a month because I do have a puppy at home.

Marisa Hampe

IS: Aw, what's the name of your puppy?

MH: Halo.

IS: It's so cute!

MH: That's why I'm always responsible to get home and stay home for a while and that's giving me also a basement for what I really appreciate.

IS: Oh my goodness it's so cute, oh I love little puppies that's so cute! Oh my goodness. What does it mean to you to be creative? What does that word mean?

MH: I love to interpret places in a new way from a different angle, especially when I get invited to places that are overrated already, which happens pretty often, to interpret it in a new way. It's bringing me such a joy to create new images that are not overrated on Instagram already and yeah I think that's it.

Marisa Hampe

IS: I love it. You've kind of captured this moody, beautiful feel in your photos. How have you been able to achieve that look?

MH: Yeah, that's a good question. Maybe my screen has broken, that's why the photos are always so dark. I don't know what it is it's just my style. A lot of brands are always asking me "So why is your feed so dark?", and it was never a decision. Maybe I can do differently?

IS: Yeah.

MH: Yeah.

IS: It just happened, it was just your look!

MH: It's my look and I like it and I continue with it, but my styles actually ever changing and I love to try out new things and actually at this point, at the moment now it's quite dark. That's true.

IS: But it's kind of fun. I love that feel, it's amazing.

MH: Thank you.

Marisa Hampe

IS: I want you to answer this next question in German, okay? Tell me a little bit about your puppy in German. I think German's amazing, so I love this. Let's hear it.

MH: Yeah it's coming! [German 00:05:09]

IS: Oh my gosh, that was so rad, you're so, so cool! I really didn't understand anything but I loved it, so that was amazing. What do you like the most about what you do?

MH: I love to immerse myself into different cultures and I'm always feeling so related to nature, landscape, because that can find some peace. Actually I try and avoid city trips, but I have to say that I totally fell in love with Hanoi, since it's really really special and has really peaceful atmosphere even though it's pretty crowded and populated. Love it though, but each time I'm traveling I'm trying to find myself back in nature. That's what I really enjoy.

Marisa Hampe

IS: So cool, and I feel like a lot of your photos are in nature and I can tell you're a nature lover. Watching you shoot, you know on this trip has been amazing because I feel like you are tying yourself well to anything you do. We're just thrilled that you're here. Just to wrap up, what's your plan with Instagram? What are your plans in the future?

MH: I will definitely continue traveling and taking more photos and share with my followers, that's the basic of the work I'm doing, but I've also considering to turn it into a different direction like maybe doing a foundation and yeah. Helping people that I'm visiting in each country to doing such kind of projects but it's still in progress so we will see what's coming up next.

IS: Oh cool!

MH: Yep.

Marisa Hampe

IS: That's really exciting. So last question, what is your advice to people aspiring to be like you.

MH: Yeah, people often start doing Instagram with the goal to reach a lot of people and to earn money with traveling and to promote themselves. Which of course a nice background thought but the only thing that will make you successful is to have a message out there. If you don't have message content you want to share a passion that leads you. It makes no sense to just share anything, so in the end you will have no content but the brands you're promoting. You have to have an idea of what you want to share with people around there.

IS: Oh I love that, I love that and I can see that in your photos. You're one of the most passionate people I've ever met. We're just thrilled to have you on the Instasize podcast today.

IS: And that's it for today with Marisa Hampe everyone go follow her she has amazing, amazing, amazing content. If you want to be inspired, follow this girl. She knows what she's doing so, so glad that you guys joined us in Vietnam and that's it today for Instasize podcast!

Marisa Hampe

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