Unfiltered Podcast: Feat. World Traveler @oneworldjustgo

Instasize: Welcome to Vietnam, guys! We are literally sitting in this oasis jungle, it's incredible. So excited to be here. It's amazing.

Today we have an amazing, amazing guest, Tanya from One World Just Go, that's her Instagram handle. @OneWorldJustGo. Go follow her incredible content. She literally is one of my heroes.

Tanya: Oh, you're the sweetest!

IS: I'm starstruck that you're here today.

T: Thank you for having me.

Tanya - @oneworldjustgo

IS: Of course, of course. So, you're from Australia, right?

T: Yes.

IS: What part of Australia are you from?

T: I'm from Melbourne, yeah.

IS: Very very cool.

T: Right at the bottom of Australia, yeah.

IS: That's so cool. You travel the world, so you're constantly traveling. Are you home a lot?

T: That's the thing. Everyone on Instagram thinks you're constantly moving but it's like, guys, I'm just posting photos from my trip last month. I'm actually in Melbourne.

I'm definitely traveling at least 50% of the year, I would say.

IS: Really?

T: I appreciate being at home, and having a home base and not living out of a suitcase, but I definitely like to be on the road as often as I can.

IS: Wow, 50% of the year?

T: Yeah, the last year, and hopefully this year, 50% I'll say.

IS: Wow! I feel like that's just so much time away.

T: Yeah.

Tanya - @oneworldjustgo

IS: How do you balance your personal life with this content creating life that you've built for yourself?

T: Well, a lot of the time I try to take my friends from Australia on trips with me, so they're really supportive. When I'm at home, I'm like, guys, I'm home. Let's catch up. They're used to it.

IS: They just know-

T: They've got their own busy lives, as well, so it's pretty easy.

IS: That's really, really cool. Has your family mostly been supportive of you doing this?

T: Very supportive. Yeah, I started traveling when I was a teenager so they understood the love for travel. Definitely, the older people don't understand social media as much, but, no, they definitely understand it now. I've taught them, and they're really supportive, yeah.

IS: Aw, that's so cool. Tell, me, Tanya, how did you get started doing this social media thing?

T: So, I finished high school when I was 18. Then, I went traveling, came back for uni, and yeah, just got the travel bug.

Pretty much every summer break from uni, I would do three months backpacking solo, so I always loved traveling. When I finished my degree, everyone was applying for their fashion, business jobs and I was like, no. This is really not what I want to do.

Yeah, it was really when I finished uni, and then I started to travel more often. I got Instagram, and it just started growing, and I just continued traveling, and continued posting photos, reaching out to brands.

IS: Wow.

Tanya - @oneworldjustgo

T: Now, four years later-

IS: How many followers do you have now?

T: 70 something-thousand.

IS: Wow.

T: Hopefully, it keeps growing.

IS: Wow, so many. That's amazing. Why do you think you were able to grow? What made it happen?

T: People love travel content, I think. Even when you're at home, it's just great to escape. For me, when I plan my travels, I look to Instagram now. I used to go on Google ... I used to do Lonely Planet when I first started traveling.

IS: Really?

T: I did Lonely Planet. I would buy the book, I would carry it, it would be very heavy.

Now, every location I go to, I just search Instagram. I look at people who go there, the location tags, and that's how I plan my travels.

IS: Wow!

T: I think it's just a really good database for people to do their travel research now, through Instagram.

IS: That's fascinating.

T: Yeah.

IS: That is really cool, I didn't even think about that as a travel resource.

Tanya - @oneworldjustgo

T: Yeah.

IS: I mean, of course it is because you can tag, and see.

T: Especially with the saved function now, I have countries all through my saved albums. When I go to that country, I already have my images. I know the top destinations and tourist attractions to see.

IS: Are you serious?

T: Yeah.

IS: That so cool.

T: Lonely Planet is redundant now, kind of.

IS: Yeah! Oh my gosh, that is so cool. How do you feel you've been able to make your content different? I feel like that's one thing with traveling, it's how do you make it difference than everyone else's?

T: I try to go to places that aren't so popular, but at the same time, I want to go to Italy. It's amazing. I want to go to Paris.

You just try to create slightly different content but it's very difficult. You've just got to put your own spin on it. I think it's important to travel to new destinations that not everyone is going to, and not getting sick of seeing the exact same photo.

Yeah, that's the best thing, when someone writes a comment like, "Oh my God, I have never seen this place before. I have never thought about visiting here." You're like, awesome.

IS: Yeah, you're inspiring.

Tanya - @oneworldjustgo

T: You educated someone, yeah.

IS: That is so, so cool. What inspires you? You said you started traveling when you were a teenager.

T: Yeah.

IS: What inspired you to create your entire feed around travel?

T: It's probably just what I'm most passionate about. I studied fashion, so I it was fashion and travel. I originally wanted to do fashion blogging, but I didn't really like the focus to be on just me and the clothing, I wanted epic scenery and beautiful landscapes and amazing temples. I just liked blending both fashion and travel, because I just thought the pictures were just a bit more epic than just a fashion blog photo.

IS: So cool. Oh my goodness, that's amazing that you went from the fashion ... I know it's so saturated in both fashion and travel.

T: Fashion was so saturated, travel has become very saturated now.

IS: Very saturated.

T: It's great that everyone's traveling.

IS: It's great that everyone travels, but how do you feel like you break through the noise?

T: It's hard.

Tanya - @oneworldjustgo

T: I feel like you can start your Instagram now if you want to do six months backpacking through Southeast Asia. So many people have just started Instagram accounts now, and they blow up because it's the thing now.

IS: Really?

T: Go to Southeast Asia, start an Instagram account.

I think, yeah, there's a lot of competition, but if you're taking beautiful photos, that will always win.

IS: Yeah, the content trumps.

T: Exactly, yeah.

IS: That's really cool. What advice would you give to someone like me? I have such a small following guys, it's really sad. Don't put that in the podcast. Oh my gosh.

T: You have to put that in the podcast now.

IS: Vulnerability moment right here. I'm totally telling you, I'm doing this podcast and I don't have a great following.

IS: What would you [tell] people like me that want to be like you? That want to be these content creators that are creating beautiful photos, what's your advice?

T: I think you don't have to do international travel. It's very expensive.

I think if you want to be a travel blogger, you need to travel, of course, before you start making it a job. You need to fund your own travels, but just explore your own city. Day trips in that area, and you can always find amazing places to shoot and create different content that's not just in your backyard.

Tanya - @oneworldjustgo

IS: Yeah.

T: That's always easy to do, on the weekend.

IS: I really like that, just do it wherever you are.

T: Yeah.

IS: You don't have to have some glamorous trip.

T: No. It's hard. A lot of people, they only get two weeks, four weeks annual leave. Not everyone can do the whole traveling back and forth, or they have kids and it's just not realistic.

IS: It's so true.

T: You can create amazing content at home, you just have to research a bit more, I guess. It's not as easy.

IS: Be well curated. Yeah.

T: Definitely.

IS: What's your secret, how do you make your photos look so good?

T: I've definitely gotten used to what I like and what my followers like. It's always something super colorful, very epic backdrop. When it's a very basic backdrop, people don't care and I'm not as inspired either.

IS: Yeah.

T: Yeah, just amazing color, amazing scenery, landscapes, and more of the focus to be on the backdrop and just me standing there.

Tanya - @oneworldjustgo

IS: I love that.

T: Giving, kind of-

IS: A perspective to it?

T: Perspective, that's the word, yes.

IS: Yeah. All your photos, I love. I think you recently when to Thailand, or was it Bali?

T: I love Thailand.

IS: Yeah, Thailand.

T: Yes.

Bali a little before that as well, but yeah.

IS: Oh my gosh, there was one photo of a temple and I was blown away.

T: The temples in Thailand are just so amazing.

IS: Yes.

T: You think you'd get sick of going to all these temples because you're like, oh, they'll all look the same.

IS: Yes!

T: They don't look the same. They're so ... I mean, if you like architecture, you'll like it. Some people won't like it.

IS: Yeah.

T: You know, they're all amazing and just so beautiful to photograph, yeah.

Tanya - @oneworldjustgo

IS: It is a beautiful perspective. I was inspired. I was like, that's such a unique way to do it because a lot of times, you're not that far back or you're not seeing the full thing, so I just love that.

T: I got a new wide lens, 16 to 35, for that Thailand trip.

IS: That's awesome!

T: That's why I was able to get so much scenery in the frame.

IS: So cool. I feel like you're one of the people, at least on this trip ... We're in Vietnam with a bunch of influencers right now, and she is one of the ones I've been so impressed with. You plan out your shoots. You plan out, this is where I want to go.

T: Yeah.

IS: How long do you think it takes you from planning the shoot to actually posting the photo?

T: Oh, a long time.

I mean, I'll spend at least ... I can spend an hour, planning, just researching on Instagram where I'm shooting. The different kind of angles, what outfit is going to look best there, how to get there, all that kind of stuff. Yeah, at least an hour researching before you get there.

Then, I'll tend to spend at least an hour at each destination, shooting a whole different variety of angles.

The longest thing is going through all the photos and choosing your favorites, because it's just very difficult when you take so many photos.

IS: Yeah.

T: Sometimes editing is quick, sometimes not. Then, by the time you post them in Instagram, and then you reply to everyone's comments and engage, that's an hour.

Yeah, I could spend at least five hours on certain posts.

IS: Wow.

T: Unfortunately, a lot of people think you just take a photo, do a filter, post it.

I wish it was that easy and quick!

IS: It's not.

T: I love that whole creative process and I don't find it work. I enjoy doing it.

IS: That's really cool. Is this your full-time job?

T: This is my full-time job, yeah.

Tanya - @oneworldjustgo

IS: Wow. When did you finally make the jump? Were you working before, or were you just building up since high school?

T: No. I did high school, and then I did uni, and I did another degree. I was working. It was really when I finished my degree, I was like, no, I don't actually want to go into this field. I started to travel more often, and make a small income. It keeps growing and growing, and that's always the aim. That's good.

IS: Oh my gosh, that's amazing.

IS: What is the best part about Australia?

T: Oh, the best part?

IS: Yes.

T: The people. I think the more you travel, the more you appreciate home. I just love Aussie humor, the sarcasm. We just get each other. You'll be walking in your neighborhood on a morning walk and everyone say hello to you. People are just really friendly.

I love meeting Australians when I travel. Just the other day when we stopped at the service station, we went to the bathroom. There was an Australian lady and she heard Annie and I, talking. She was like, “You girls from Australia?” We're like, yes, we are. Where are you from? She lived a few suburbs away. You just attach to each other when you're overseas, it's really nice.

IS: Is it?

IS: I'm personally a fan of this accent.

Tanya - @oneworldjustgo

T: You need to come to Australia!

IS: I know! I need to come. Who can't be a fan of this amazing girl, Tanya? She's amazing.

IS: Seriously, guys, go follower her. It's @OneWorldJustGo. That's it for our podcast today.

IS: Thank you so much for being here.

T: Thank you for having me! You're such a good interviewer.

IS: Oh my gosh, thank you! Well, thank you for being such a good content creator.

T: Ellen should watch out. You need your own daytime talk show now.

IS: Yeah, Ellen, watch your back. I got you.

IS: This is the Instasize podcast, signing off from Vietnam.

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