Unfiltered Podcast: Feat. Travel & Style Blogger Cherrie Lynn

Instasize: Today, we're so excited for our guests today. We're actually in Africa and we have Cherrie Lynn with us from @cherrielynn. She's an amazing Instagram blogger and travel goddess, so we're so excited that she's here with us today. How are you, Sherry?

Cherrie Lynn: Hey, I'm good. How are you?

IS: Doing so good. Have you liked being in Africa so far?

CL: I love it. This is my second time in Africa and I love it here.

IS: Really?

CL: Yeah, I'm so glad to be back here.

Cherrie Lynn

IS: What's your favorite part about Africa?

CL: Other than just very, I really love the people here. Like everyone was just so friendly and accommodating. Everyone's just known nice to you and they really wanted you to be here, they are so happy to see you here.

IS: Exactly. I've actually noticed that too. Everyone's so friendly and so fun and just kind of like you. This girl is awesome. Just so every, all of your followers know this. Like she's like the actual nicest person in person, like sometimes people aren't nice.

CL: Thank you.

IS: So she's awesome. So tell us a little bit about your background. Like what do you do full time? I know you have a job besides just Instagram, so can you tell us a little bit about that?

CL: Yeah, so I am a registered nurse and so when ever I'm not traveling, I actually work at the hospital, I work in radiation oncology, I work with cancer patients. Working in that department, you know, made me realize this life is short, I have to do the things that I want to do and you know, do it now while I can.

Cherrie Lynn

IS: That it so cool. That's really powerful too. What inspired you starting Instagram? Like what's the story there?

CL: So I initially had my answer here. I mean it was just like a personal account that I would post, like everyday things there. And then my husband and I, we really love to travel. So when we started traveling, I just started posting like travel photos and then I got good back from friends, from family and then the more photos that we posted, the more I noticed that the community, you know, Instagram community actually liked it. So it's just nice to be able to travel and do what we love and be able to share it to other people.

IS: So you kind of started out just taking like personal photos and then you started to travel. Did you always want to travel or was that something that you just started doing?

CL: I've always wanted to travel, but then you know, I was born and raised in the Philippines, so most of my life in the Philippines was just in Manila. So when I went to the U.S. I've always wanted to explore my country because I know and I've been seeing a lot of photos, you know, like really beaches, I really want to explore it. So when my husband and I went back and we started traveling to all this beautiful places, it really inspired me to explore our home. You know, our motherland more and then other than that, there's so many things that I really wanted to do in so many places. Actually being on Instagram, being on social media, you see all these people posting about and beautiful places and you know, you're lists just keeps getting longer and longer. You want to see those places for yourself. Of course you've seen a lot of photos but it's still different when you're there experiencing it for yourself too.

Cherrie Lynn

IS: That's really, really cool. And your feed tells your amazingly beautiful travel story. It's incredible. So tell me, you came to the United States when you were, how old?

CL: I was 20 when I moved here.

IS: 20. So tell us about that, tell us about your background as an immigrant to the United States. What was that like? Was it the process hard, all that stuff? I'm just curious about your story.

CL: It was a lot of adjustment for me because you know, although we speak English in the Philippines, like at school it's so different just going to the U.S. And you know, there's a lot of different cultures too. You're being exposed to a lot of ethnicity. And then I was kind of shy to talk to, my mom would always down there like, "Talk to your friends, like go out." And I was like, I was so shy, I would just stay at home. But that, we do a lot of family gathering. So I would meet a lot of relatives. So that's when, you know, I started kind of building up self confidence and then working too. You meet your coworkers, you get to interact with other people. So it kind of builds your self confidence and then make you more socialize, you know.

IS: That is so cool. And did you know English before you came over to the United States or was it something that you learned when you came?

CL: I did, like what I said, our subjects in school, in the Philippines were we are taught in English. So I know it, but then I don't speak it a lot. There's a problem so I'm not used to speaking it. So I had to adjust to that. I need to be, not to be shy to speak it because I know it. But sometimes it was hard because I have to think what I was gonna say because it doesn't always translate to like English words like [inaudible 00:05:17] words doesn't translate directly to English words. I have to mentally prepare for what I'm about to say. So yeah, that needed a lot of adjustment for me.

Cherrie Lynn

IS: That is really, really cool. All right, just-

CL: Sorry.

IS: No go ahead. Go ahead.

CL: I was just gonna say, just being open to different cultures because it's so different, the values that we were raised with when I was in the Philippines is so different. In the U.S. I have to be open minded, you know, because it's so different.

IS: It's way different. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. That's really cool. And how has that affected your, you know, the way that you do your Instagram? Has your background, you know, from going from the Philippines to the United States, has that affected the way that you, you know, create or the things you photograph? Does it inspire any of that?

CL: I would say that not the much, I felt like living in the U.S. made me more open minded. So there are things that are, you know, that's like not really not acceptable but people don't, like in the Philippines. Like in the Philippines, they don't really think you're pretty if your skin is darker. But you know like in the U.S. they actually love darker skin tone too. So before I would always be conscious about not, get tan, again though I would go to the beach, I don't want to be out in the sun. But now I go there, I enjoy the water. When we go to the ocean I swim, I don't care anymore if I'm going to get darker.

IS: That's so cool.

Cherrie Lynn

CL: Yeah. So, yeah, I would say it's really eyeopening to live in the U.S. and whatever we do on Instagram is a product of, you know, whatever we learned, from all our experiences to.

IS: Wow, that is really, really cool. It's inspiring to see you, you know learning these, I don't know just all about yourself and about your life and how you're displaying that on Instagram is amazing. So here's a real question for you. Here we go. So Lion King comes out in a couple of weeks or a week and a half, I think. So if you were a Lion King character, which one would you be and why?

CL: I think I would be Simba.

IS: Yeah, why would you be Simba?

CL: I just kind of relate to him. Kind of, you know, going out there and then trying to explore and find himself, like trying to see what he really wants in life, but always going back to his roots and you know, trying to connect to where he's from. Yeah, I kind of relate to him on that level.

IS: I love that. I love that. And it's very like just what the story you just told us, it relates beautifully. So that's awesome. And what, so you kind of grew fast, like your Instagram grew fast, right? You were telling me earlier that, kind of the story about that. Do you want to kind of share what you think contributed to that growth.

CL: So it did grew up fast. I noticed that after traveling to popular places like Morocco, like Bali, like people really like to see those kinds of content. So people really search for those, but other than going to popular places too, I think it's important to really connect to your audience, make genuine connections. Whenever I go to a place I would always, like if I know someone from the audience or someone from Instagram that I know lives there, I would always connect with them and if they want to meet up, you know, in person and actually make friends. Not just on Instagram but on a more personal level. So I think it's important is to have relationship like that kind of relationship. So people know that who you really are and not just behind a screen too.

Cherrie Lynn

IS: Wow, that's powerful, and I feel like that's really hard to find in this day and age where there things can be so fake on social media. So it's inspiring to see someone like you that's creating things to be authentic and to show themselves and be like, this is really who I am. And you're awesome. You're awesome. So just to wrap up here, I mean, what would you tell your younger version of yourself? If you could go back and give yourself advice, you know, when you were a teenager, when you were kind of, you know, figuring out what do I want to do in life? What would be your advice to yourself?

CL: Honestly, I feel like everything worked out well for me. Before I would always think, I wish I did this or I wish I went out more when I was younger. But you know, I felt like, because I grew up in the very strict environment too. So I felt like that actually shaped me into who I am right now. I might not be able to finish school if it's like that because you know, living in the Philippines you see all your classmates getting pregnant early.

IS: Really?

CL: Yeah. And I am so lucky, I didn't go to that path, I was able to finish school and then go to work and now after working and saving I'm able to do something that I love. So I think the values that was taught to me really shaped me into who I am. So I don't think I really want to change on a thing.

IS: Wow. That's so powerful and so cool that you see that, see those rules and those restrictions as something that bless your life, like something that made you who you are.

CL: Yeah. Yeah. I used to hate it because you know when you're a teenager you just want to go out with your friends too. But now I am seeing the value of that, what it has made me into.

IS: That's incredible. And do you have any upcoming projects you're really excited about that you're working on?

Cherrie Lynn

CL: Yes. I have a very exciting project with Acanela. I am hosting a group trip to Morocco in October. Yeah, I'm very excited about it. This is going to be the first time that I'll be doing that. In the beginning of the year I actually made a call on Instagram asking my audience if they would be interested in doing that. And it, I got really good feedback and I think I just really wanted kind of to give back and share with, you know, my audience whatever I learned or what I, what works for me. So I kinda want to meet with them and then travel to a beautiful location and just talk about that. So I feel like this is a very good opportunity to do that.

IS: Oh that's so cool. Congrats. That's a huge deal. And I know that us along with all of your followers are excited to see the upcoming content you have, especially from this trip. So what would, I mean, signing off from Africa, do you have any last words? For your followers or any like-

CL: Oh well, just want to say thank you for all the support. I don't think I would be able to do this if not for everyone who supports all our work. And I think one of the best thing about Instagram and social media is meeting like minded people and you know, very creative individuals like you guys. And so glad just to be able to do this and just grow from it. So thank you. Thanks for everyone.

IS: Oh yeah. Well thank you for being with us on the podcast today. You're amazing, Cherrie, and we're so excited that you're on this podcast and signing off from the Instasize unfiltered podcast with Cherrie Lynn. Everyone go follow her. Her Instagram handle is @cherrielynn and have a great day.

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