Unfiltered Podcast: Feat. Thrifting Legend @malloryonthemoon

Mallory Joy: I started my blog when I was a sophomore in high school, and I was really into thrifting and finding cool vintage things at the thrift store. And so, one of my friends was like, "Hey, why don't you just start sharing your finds online?" So I started a blog, and it would just literally be photos of my in my backyard by a fence that my mom would take, and I would share the cool things I found. And from there, it really started this just creative passion for sharing things that I find at the thrift store. And now it's kind of blossomed into this lifestyle crazy mess that I love, and it's just such a blessing that I get to live my life doing what I love and fulfilling my passions I guess you could say.


It's really important to be yourself because that is how you will gain a following that loves who you are. Yeah, I think being genuine is super important nowadays especially, because you have so many people online that have these fake personas or try to be somebody else, but I feel like right now in the social space, people are creating authenticity, and I think that's very important.



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