Top Sites For Posting Social Media Content: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

How often do you use social media? Do you ever think of the actual numbers when scrolling down on your newsfeed or when liking photos? The use of social media is truly becoming a social norm, thus inspiring commercial adjustments based on its statistics. Here are the top social media sites to post on, based on a range of metrics that include as simple as likes, shares and retweets or as complex as audience growth. It's about having the right audience that's engaged with what you post.

Approximately 2 billion people actively use social media, and this number will continue to rise as more and more people acquire smartphones for mobile social media activity. Around 2.77 billion people are expected to use social media in 2019 all over the world, an evident increase from 2017’s 2.46 billion. This comes to no surprise as 71 percent of Internet users focus their time on social networking: particularly on liking, commenting, and uploading posts. The high user engagement, as well as the constant improvements of mobile technology, make social networking the most popular online activity these days.

Social media has evolved far and wide since the days of MySpace, and it has shifted to an era led by current market leader, Facebook. Facebook has 2.2 billion active users per month, and the features that it present seem to only be expanding and improving. Its instant messaging arm, Facebook Messenger, is the second most popular messaging app after WhatsApp. This makes Facebook the top choice for posting social media content and marketing purposes. Business and advertising opportunities in Facebook are at an all time high with low-cost strategies promoted and targeted to the right avenues. Facebook ads allow businesses to collect helpful information about potential customers so they can create highly effective ads for better conversions. Business owners are given the chance to tap into their target market through Facebook’s demographics and can even expand their user reach through chatbots. For those seeking to boost their business or influence through content and posts, Facebook is obviously the top website choice.

The Advantages of Using Twitter

Real-time microblogging site, Twitter, is another strong choice as it reels in 330 million monthly active users as of the fourth quarter of 2017. Twitter’s main advantage is letting any user follow popular public accounts, allowing instant interaction and real time connectivity. Users can communicate with each other through mentions and direct messages, and this platform is heavily used for.

Targeting Engagement and Sharing with Tumblr

Social blogging site, Tumblr, has 738 million unique visitors worldwide, making it a strong contender on social media platform rankings. While it could be a challenge inching into 157.2 billion Tumblr posts each month, the site’s awareness reach goes up to 56%, and it makes circulation of posts accessible through hashtags and searches.

Building your Brand with Instagram

Photo-sharing giant, Instagram has over 800 million active users per month, which breaks into 300 million daily users. While Facebook reigns mighty in the United States, 80% of Instagram users belong outside the United States, and it is one of the most used social networks in the globe. With app’s newer features such as Instagram Stories and Sponsored Posts, businesses and brands are leaning towards making Instagram as a profitable content marketing arm. Over 8 million businesses are active on their Instagram accounts and they utilize all related marketing aspects, including hiring social media influencers for promotion and user engagement. Instagram has truly set the stage for the rise of social media influencers, and the demand for their support continues to grow each month. Google Trends has reported that the search interest for influencers has tripled between August 2016 and August 2017, and 72% of Instagram users have purchased a product they saw through the recommendations of social media influencers. All marketing and business aside, these numbers prove that Instagram remains to be the perfect avenue to share any kind of social media content, especially if gaining likes and followers are in mind.

Creating Visually Stunning Imagery with Pinterest

Pinterest is also a forceful social media-sharing site, with 1 out of 2 U.S. Millennials actively using the mood board-site each month. Posting and crafting visually stunning posts on Pinterest would also mean more personal and brand exposure, with 2 million people posting “Pins” each day. 86% of young users say that they use Pinterest to “plan” life experiences or moments, and this is a strong statistic to lean on for bloggers who specialize in lifestyle related content.

Managing All Social Accounts At Once!

Social Media has many advantages for businesses and content creators. It's one of the strategic ways to uplift your engagement, maintain your online presence & create a strong connection between you and your audience. What can be better than managing all your social media accounts & profiles from one channel? You can increase your productivity, save time & analyze your performance on social networks by using a simple social media management tool like Social Champ. It allows scheduling posts, analyzing performance, suggesting content and managing all your social accounts from one place. Social Champ is the most comprehensive & streamlined tool that embraces the true art of repeating trusted by top influencers including Guy Kawasaki, Neal Schaffer, Peg Fitzpatrick, Ian Andreson Gray and many others.

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