School’s out for the summer!

But while you’re out here living your best life during the summer break, it’s never too early to start thinking about snapping some sweet back to school pics for the ‘gram.

Forget about sitting around counting down the days of freedom that you’ve got left… let’s turn a negative into a positive by spending every last minute of your summer break banking up some fresh content for your feed.

Need some inspiration for taking the perfect back to school pics? Here are 7 tips for taking the best back to school pics that’ll also take your Insta-game to the next level!

1. Get candid

Did you really have the best summer break of your life if your camera roll isn’t jam-packed with adorable candids?

The best back to school pics are the pics that you don’t even plan. Of course, when you’re having a good time you want to be present in the moment. But it’s a good idea to take out your phone every now and then to snap a couple cute memories that you can look back on!

Yes, you’re going to have to be that person who takes out their camera at the most random times to document those precious moments. But hey, it’s a small price to pay for some long-lasting memories that can also make the best back to school pics!

2. Photo in a photo

The back to school season is really the BEST time to pull off a photo in a photo. You know… when you get a photo of yourself holding up a photo of yourself with pretty much the same pose, outfit, or even in the same setting.

This cute photo op idea can easily become one of your back to school traditions for years to come!

3. Back to school outfit

The summer break is really the best time to bank up some #OOTD shots of all your adorable summer looks! But let’s change it up a bit. In the spirit of getting ready to go back to school, why not kill two birds with one stone by sharing your potential back to school outfits which could also double as some fresh content for your feed.

Chances are, you’re going to be way too busy on your first day back at school to get a full out #OOTD sesh in. Just take your back to school pics ahead of time so you don’t let a good outfit go to waste!

4. Start a cute tradition

If you don’t have any cute photo traditions, well now is a great time to start! The back to school season is the perfect time to pull off an adorable photo op, but you’re going to have to grab a couple props. Grab yourself a letter board that you can use to display a sweet message.

5. Family photo sesh!

Got any siblings? Younger ones, older ones… you need them now more than ever to help you step up the cuteness level for your back to school pics.

Besides getting some unique content for the ‘gram, this is a fantastic opportunity to document your milestones together!

6. Go to school

For some cool back to school pics, you might actually want to make a quick visit to your school to stage a photo op! If you really think about, the summertime is the best time to hold a photo sesh on your school campus because it’s going to be pretty crowded on your first day back.

7. Grab some props

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Need some more inspiration for taking unique back to school pics? Well, you’ll need to grab a couple props to give off the ‘ready for school’ type of vibe. The easiest way to pull this off is to grab a coffee and a book and to get your friends to snap a candid of you being ‘studious.’