1. Bonneville Salt Flats

A stunning location located an hour and a half outside of Salt Lake City, the Salt Flats promise to be a backdrop that will surely WOW. A vast, empty stretch of sand has been left behind after Lake Bonneville dried up, making the Salt Flats the perfect place to catch a sunrise photoshoot. You are allowed to drive your vehicle onto the flats in certain areas.

2. Park City, Main Street

Park City is notoriously known as a snowboard / skier's safe haven as the city gets more traffic during the Winter than anywhere else in the state. Nestled amongst luxurious resorts and cabin retreats, Main Street boasts an impressive roster of restaurants, retail shops, and of course, picturesque corners. We recommend visiting during the Spring, when traffic is minimal and views are optimal.

3. Little Sahara Sand Dunes

Going from Park City to Little Sahara feels like traveling to another country all together. The Little Sahara Sand Dunes can be found in Nephi Utah, a 2 hour drive from Salt Lake City, but the terrain makes the adventure worth it! Cascading sand dunes will surround you as you visit this iconic spot to shoot away. The park is free to enter but a fee will be charged if you’re trying to camp there for the night. We recommend having your photographer shoot from a bottom vantage point, allowing both the dunes and sky to be captured in a single frame.

4. Mystic Hot Springs

If you’re making your way through Utah, we highly recommend taking a stop in Monroe Utah, home to acres of farmland and the magical Mystic Hot Springs. Immerse yourself within tubs settled on top of Natural Hot Springs, in the heart of the Utah desert. You must purchase tickets and make a reservation ahead of time in order to access the springs.

5. Pando Forest

Also known as the trembling giant, this stretch of forest in south-central Utah has been made famous by it’s intricate root system nestled miles below. A single living organism, the Pando forest is essentially a colony of Aspen trees, all sharing the same set of roots. Visiting the forest during the September / October months will bring you an array of changing colors, making Pando a must see for photographers and creators alike.

6. Delicate Arch

Located in Moab Utah, the Delicate Arch is an iconic Utah must see (it’s the background on everyone’s license plate, we’re not kidding)! There is a little bit of a hike in order to get to the Delicate Arch viewing point, so keep that in mind when dressing / prepping to visit this location. The arch is free to visit and there are easier hikes accessible to those who may not be able to make the 1 ½ mile trek straight up.

7. Top of Regent Street Parking Garage

Salt Lake City has its own urban vibe, and capturing downtown from the top of the Regent Street Parking Garage is a must do for all new visitors! Just follow the garage up to the 6th floor (highest you can drive to) and take the elevator up to the very top! Enjoy the views and watch your step - we do not recommend sitting off the edge anywhere on the premise as there are security guards that patrol the garage and you will be asked to leave if you’re putting your life in danger to capture any photos - sit with your back to the city to play it safe!

8. Hells Revenge

Another impressive landscape coming out of Moab, Utah. Hells Revenge has become notorious to Jeep owners, UTV / ATV enthusiasts, mountain bikers as THE trail to conquer when visiting Utah. We recommend taking a guided UTV tour if you’re new to this type of activity / terrain. Guided tours stop a handful of times and the views provided are unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen! Welcome to Mars, we mean Moab!

9. Dead Horse Point

Before leaving Moab, make sure you make it a point to visit Dead Horse Point State Park. The park does charge a small fee to enter it’s premises but offers dramatic overlook viewpoints of the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park.