The Perfect Photo Filter App for Instagram - Top Performing Filters on the Instasize App

Editing photos for social media has come a long way in the past 5 years. With a ton of photo filter apps on the market, making a decision on which to choose has become a daunting task. With nearly 20M active monthly users on Instasize, our filters and editing tools have been a hit amongst content creators all over.

With a plethora of both free and premium filters, Instasize is sure to have a filter to match your personal brand + aesthetic. The filters previewed in this blog post have been some of our highest used this past year. And if you don't have a premium account to the app, this is one way to get a glimpse into the collections you may not have access to at the moment. Looking for ways to further boost your engagement rates on your Instagram content? Check out our How to Boost Instagram Engagement Rates for Your Content article, now live!

  • The Havana Collection

    Havana Filter Collection - Before Havana Filter Collection - After

    Ideal for outdoor and scenic photos, The Havana Collection gives your photos a warm, seasoned tone. A bit higher on the contrast spectrum, the filter pictured here is H3, our most popular within the collection. It will add a subtle touch of contrast between the colors in your images while overall adding a sunny + brighter feel.

  • The Valence Collection

    Valence Filter Collection - Before Valence Filter Collection - After

    The Valence Collection was our very first "Premium Filter" Collection and will forever remain one of our most favorite. Created with the blogger aesthetic in mind, each filter within this collection adds a bright and airy feel to any photo. Our most popular filter within the collection is V1, which you can see displayed up above. The filter itself enhances color while sharpening subject matter. A personal and fan favorite, The Valence Collection is a must have for editing social media content. Works great with videos as well!

  • The Rooted Collection

    Rooted Filter Collection - Before Rooted Filter Collection - After

    Say goodbye to dull edits and hello to The Rooted Collection. Inspired by the rich colors and vibrance of the city landscape, these filters will give your photos POP. Our most popular within the collection R2, pictured above, adds a touch of vibrancy to any shot. Perfect for street, travel, portrait, and outdoor shots.

  • The Amber Collection

    Amber Filter Collection - Before Amber Filter Collection - After

    Last months premiered filter collection, The Amber Collection, brought cozy + warm tones to your editing tool belt. Three hand crafted filters to help you deepen tones, create crisp contrast, and add the perfect rustic touch to any photo. Our most popular filter in the collection, A2 pictured above, is the perfect mix of sultry and sweet. Deepen the mood for any photo, add a subtle touch of seriousness with all the filters The Amber Collection offers.

  • SNEAK PEEK: The Fusion Collection

    Fusion Filter Collection - Before Fusion Filter Collection - After

    Our next filter collection, The Fusion Collection, will be released in the coming days! A unique collection in the sense that each filter is completely different than the last. Every collection we've released until now has had some type of similar feel + theme. The Fusion Collection contains filters that reflect the beautiful diversity that surrounds us. Perfect for lifestlye, travel and blogger photography. Each filter within this collection is unique. Designed with your particular aesthetic in mind. Looking for insight on taking better photos with your iPhone? Check out our iPhone Photography - Tips on Shooting With Your iPhone Camera article up on our blog now!

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