There are times when posting just one photo from a family vacation, sporting event, or birthday just doesn't seem to capture all the fun that was had. Our collage crafting tool is perfect for showcasing multiple memories at once. Simple to navigate and multi-functional, we're here to walk you through creating a collage on InstaSize, the perfect Instagram collage app.

1. Getting Started

You're going to want to make sure you're completely updated with the app software so following along this tutorial will be a whole lot easier. From there it's as easy as opening the app and selecting the "+" icon in the bottom center of the screen.

2. Choosing Photos

Once you're in the collage editor, the next step is to choose the photos you're going to want in your collage. As you begin to choose photos, you'll notice a number of layouts begin generating at the top of the screen. Don't worry about this until you choose all of your photos.

3. Choosing A Layout

Once all of your photos have been chosen, swipe through the layouts generated at the top of the screen and choose whichever one you'd like. Don't worry about where the photos are currently on the collage, you will be able to move them once you have chosen a desired layout.

4. Editing Your Collage

Once photos are in their desired location, you can proceed with editing your layout. Choose from a variety of filters, adjustment tools, border width, and so much more. Open our in app text editor to add multiple lines of text to your collage and photos, perfect for quotes!Once editing is complete, click "done" and your collage will save automatically to your grid. From here you can select the collage and share it across your social media platforms, or save to your camera roll.

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