The Importance of Establishing an Instagram Theme

Whether you use Instagram for your personal brand or business, you want it to look the best it can look. For a lot of people who do their business online, Instagram can work as a valuable portfolio of the kind of content, product, or even service you can provide.

To make it look the best way it can, many power users adopt an Instagram theme for their feed. An Instagram theme is an aesthetic you will apply on your social media feed. The great thing about themes is that you can set one permanently, or adopt a new one after a few grids or so.

You can be creative, and it gives you a new challenge in case you’re having a hard time with what to post next.

Some tips to keep up with your Instagram theme:

1. Plan ahead.

Instagram Grid Planning with Instasize

Your Instagram grid can be planned and organized from within the Instasize camera roll.

This is is a big one. Most of the time, you won’t be able to edit posts that match your theme on the fly. To keep up with your posting schedule and make sure your account is always active, planning posts and even pre-making them beforehand will make sure you have something ready.

2. Pick an aesthetic that unifies our Instagram account.

Instagram Theme: Choosing an Aesthetic

When people check out your account, you want them to be able to get a sense of your aesthetic immediately. You can do this by picking a theme that makes each post similar, or form part of a larger grid. It can be posting a large rectangle photo over six square posts, or it can be something as simple as using the same font or filter to overlay every post.

3. Mix it up with videos.

Instagram Video

Video engagement increase year by year, and your account will definitely benefit from incorporating more videos to your feed. Don’t worry about breaking your theme, either. You can now post custom thumbnails or covers for videos to make sure they fit in with the rest of your grid.

4. Tell a story.

The goal of having a theme isn’t just to capture the attention of people who visit your profile for the first time. It’s also to increase your engagement. Posting photos that don’t tell a story, or are not interesting just to follow your theme or aesthetic won’t get you very many likes or comments. Make sure each post fits well and have their own story to tell.

Often, the theme or aesthetic you choose end up becoming your brand identity, or part of it. Whether you pick a permanent one or switch it up every so often, make sure they’re always on-brand for you in terms of look and subject.

Once you get a hang of Instagram themes, you’ll see it as the best way to make your profile better, and increase not just your followers count but also your engagement!

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