What content wins on Instagram and helps you get more Instagram followers in 2019?

Content that makes followers and the algorithm happy.

How do you make followers happy? By posting content that gives value.

How do you make the algorithm happy? By posting content that drives engagement.

The golden intersection for a winning Instagram strategy is posting valuable content that creates engagement. This content inspires what other Instagram posts don’t, conversations.

How to get more Instagram Followers in 2019

The number one strategy for more Instagram followers in 2019 is to create conversations on your Instagram posts.

Conversations are going to elevate your Instagram account from a content platform to a community hub.

Having a great Instagram aesthetic is important, but owning a community hub where your target audience interacts with your business is like being given the golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Creating conversations isn’t just about an increased engagement rate and follower count, it’s about creating brand ambassadors through your new-found community of customers.

Brand ambassadors are:

  • Customers who will spend their own money on your products/service

  • People who fit the definition of your target audience

  • Fans who will share your posts without you asking.

In other words, they are people who believe so strongly in your brand, that they become free marketers to their followers.

Think about how do interactions work outside of social media and in our offline lives?

We ask our friends and colleagues for their advice, to reassure us, and for their opinion. We tell them stories about our day and ask them to participate in our lives.

The key to Instagram success is to bring this participation to your Instagram account.

6 ways to Drive Conversations on Your Instagram

  • 1. Attract Your Ideal Audience.The first step to starting conversations on Instagram is to make sure you are attracting your ideal audience to your page in the first place.

    Instagram growth services, like Kicksta, take the burden of finding and interacting with potential followers on your behalf.

    Through advanced targeting and smart filters, you can build an organic Instagram following to have meaningful conversations and interactions with-bringing you one step closers to your dedicated fan base.

  • 2. Ask Your Followers For Their Advice.Asking for advice creates a relationship between business and prospective customer. When you ask a follower for advice, you’re asking them to actively participate in a decision you are making and showing that you value what they have to say. This is a researched back strategy to convert customers into brand ambassadors that became famous in Dr. Robert Cialdini’s book, Pre-suasion.


    Travel Influencer: “If you were traveling to Spain in May, what are the top five things you wouldn’t miss?”

    Any Business: “In 2019, we want to grow our Instagram following and create a better community for YOU to interact with. What ways can we add more value to your Instagram feed?”

  • 3. Ask Your Followers To Tag a Friend and Have That Friend Respond.This strategy drives engagement on your post and puts your Instagram account in front of new people. People have like-minded friends and to place your content in front of their friends can double your following.


    Blogger Influencer: “Tag a friend who loves skincare and have them comment their must have, can’t live without product!”

    Fitness Business: “Tag a friend and have them respond with the emoji that most suits both of your fitness goals for 2019.”

  • 4. Ask Your Followers If They Have Felt The Same Way.The same way that asking advice establishes a relationship between two parties, showing your followers that you have similar experiences as them creates the foundation for them to convert into a brand ambassador. Researchers studied who was able to establish a connection better, two people with commonalities and two people without. They found that our connection to like-minded people is hard-wired in our brains.


    Any Influencer: “2018 was a really overwhelming year for me. As grateful as I am for all of the experiences, I’m excited to close this chapter and start a new one in 2019. For everyone who had a similar experience, let’s rise from our challenges and grow into the best version of ourselves. Are you going into 2019 with this mindset?”

    E-Commerce Business: “Our brain supplement business was established because we needed to find a better nootropic on the market. We didn’t want natural flavors and subpar ingredients. We wanted homemade, from the earth, ingredients that would optimize our brain power. Have you ever been disappointed in a health supplement that was filled with natural flavors and artificial ingredients?”

  • 5. Ask Your Followers To Say One Word in Response To Your Caption.As much as you want to increase engagement, you want people to convert from viewers of your content to interactors with your content who will comment on your posts and swipe up on your stories. Asking followers to respond with one word gives them their first dip into interacting with your profile without asking for the hefty commitment of a longer response.


    Videography Influencer: “It’s taken me four years to get to this point in my career. Early mornings, late nights and a serious hustle have defined these past few years and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend them any other way. In a one word response, what do you hustle for?”

    Digital Marketing Business: “Businesses are built on community. It’s the businesses with 1,000 true fans that hit the tipping point and reach seven-figures (and more). In one word, how do you plan to acquire your 1,000 true fans in 2019?”

  • 6. Ask Your Followers To Reply Agree or Disagree.Collaborative conversations establish relationships. Just as asking followers for advice or asking if they have had a similar experience drives connection, asking somebody to agree or disagree opens up up a conversation as to why they agree or disagree.


    Musician Influencer: “Music isn’t about sound. It’s about the emotion that sounds inspires. Do you agree or disagree?”

    Freelance Writing Business: “Becoming a writer is easy, as long as you have the commitment to master your craft and market your services on a daily basis. Do you agree or disagree?”

The #1 strategy for more Instagram followers in 2019 is to be the hub of an online community. Followers don’t want to see more content, they want to find value and like-minded people.

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