Summer isn’t over yet. You still have a few more weeks before going back to school. Looking for activities to make the last remaining weeks extra special?

We’ve got a few tips that won’t just be fun, they’re perfect to enjoy with your friends and would make awesome pics for the ‘gram! Here are some ideas you should definitely add to your summer bucket list:

1. Check out the local carnival, country fair, or amusement park.

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Take me out, I’m fun 🌈🎡😈

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These places aren’t just for kids! They’re great to experience on a cool night, with lots of sights and little activities and even rides to enjoy. You can also try the food, meet new people, and flaunt your favorite summer #OOTD.

2. Go on a roadtrip with your favorite friends.

Sometimes a long car ride is better than the destination. Make lots of stops and take in the views along the way.

3. Volunteer for a charity or set up a fundraising event.

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Getting to spend time with these children out here in Cambodia has been an absolute blessing and humbling experience. These children have never seen westerners before. During our visit, we noticed yesterday that some of these children were wearing the same clothes they were wearing 3 days ago. The principal explained to me it’s because their parents can’t afford other clothes so most of the time the children only have 1-2 outfits to change between.... This made me want to cry... not even just because it was sad, but because even though these children have little to nothing, they are some of the happiest humans I’ve ever met. • • • I feel SO blessed to be able to help these children, to give them hope, they possibility of brighter futures and to just remind them they haven’t been forgotten about by the rest of the world! and all the volunteers have been working hard at their school to build a library, jungle gym and clean drinking water well! We’re so excited to show y’all the finished products!

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Want to do something cool and positive with your summer? Ask your favorite charity if they’re looking for a pair of extra hands at headquarters or for an event. Better yet, organize your own!

4. Get fit with outdoorsy activities.

If you only had time for a gym or to follow a quick YouTube video to keep fit, this summer you’ll have time to get active. Go swimming or hike up a trail. Why not bike or walk around instead of driving?

5. Host a picnic or a barbecue.

Got some special summer recipes or cocktails you want to show off? Get your friends together and host a picnic or barbecue! Enjoy great company and the great outdoors.

6. Do some summer cleaning around your room.

Feel refreshed when you go back to school by cleaning up your room. You might find things you thought you’ve lost, or might have enough for an awesome yard sale.

7. Start a new hobby.

If you’ve got nothing but time this summer, then it’s the perfect time to finally try arts and crafts, learn that new language, or whatever skill or activity you’ve been hoping to get into aside from watching all of Netflix.

8. Explore your own town or city.

Have you ever been a tourist of your own town or city? You’ll be surprised at the cool things that’s right around your backyard. Join some day trips or stroll through your local museums.

Make the most out of your free time and the awesome weather. Try out some of these ideas along with your own plans, and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures!