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The key to a successful online presence is quality content. Whether you’re writing an in-depth blog post or sending out tweets, you should always add value for your audience. It’s great to create new content, but sometimes it also helps to direct your audience to awesome posts that already exist online.

This is where curating content comes in. More businesses and brands now include content curation as part of their marketing strategy-- 82 percent, in fact. A majority of marketers have experienced the advantages to adding it to their strategy.

What is Content Curation?

With so much great content that already exist online, and the increasing need of posting consistently on websites and social media platforms without sacrificing quality, digital marketers needed to figure out how to sustain the demand while staying true to brand identities and not sacrificing the quality.

The answer? Content curation. Marketers find and collect content all over the web, sift through what is relevant to their audience, and share them on company websites or social media profiles. It has numerous advantages, whether you’re a content marketer for a brand or someone trying to grow your own website:

  • It takes less time to curate content than create new content from scratch. While content curation needs a lot of research, it may save time on writing articles and creating multiple media for the new content.

  • You still add value and show your expertise to your audience. You need to be knowledgeable in your field to tag which content is worth including in a curated post. Your audience will also appreciate you linking them to a wealth of related information.

  • Your may get backlinks. Sites you feature on your post may return the favor and share your article, or use one of your original posts as part of their own curated content. This allows you to tap into new potential readers.

  • It is a type of content you can do regularly, adding to your editorial calendar and ensuring consistency in your posts.

  • You allow more voices into the conversation. In addition to reading or watching your content, you will be able to provide your audience with information from various sources and perspectives.

Curating Content with Instasize

Effective content curation isn’t simply retweeting a link or resharing or reposting an article. It involves creating a post with a theme and linking the high-quality content you’ve found that fits your theme. You then share this curated post on social media, email newsletters, and post it on your website.

As with original content, your curated post will need images or even videos. This is where Instasize comes in. You can quickly edit images and resize them to optimum size for your post. You can also use it to create featured images for posts. Choose a Text Style layout and use it every time for a unique yet cohesive look that you can edit to be on-brand.

Create a Cohesive Brand Look with Borders

Choose from a plethora of themed borders to help you achieve unique edits that are completely unique to your brand. The best type of curated content makes a potential follower pause and consume, rather than scroll by, never to be seen again.

Developing Content Curation Strategies with Instasize

Share your posts on social media, and use Instasize to ensure the photos are their best sizes for the social media platform. Doing it on mobile, with an intuitive mobile app really makes content creation the kind of strategy that could offer high value for little time investment-- freeing up your time to grow your brand!

Keeping up with your online presence is a full-time job. You need to post consistently, and maintain the quality your audience expects from your content. Content curation may help you stick to your editorial plan without cutting corners on the quality.

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