Social Sharing Tips: Increase Shares to Your Blog & Facebook

If you want to make most of your online marketing efforts a success, then you need to increase your social media shares. How comes? Social media shares, with no doubt, play a critical role in measuring customer engagements, leads, and brand awareness.

Where does the engagement come from? Simple, it comes from people sharing your content with their networks. And by doing so, it increases shares to your social media accounts like your blog and Facebook.

Here, you’ll find detailed tips on how to effectively increase social media shares.

1. Ask Your Followers to Share Your Content

It sounds dramatic, but believe me, asking your subscribers to share your content actually makes a difference in getting more social shares than you can imagine.

Don’t be in a hurry to ask people to share your content, do it in a polite way that gives them a reason as to why to share your content.

For example, you can write “If you really enjoyed the content, then its completely good to share it.” Such captions at the end of your posts reminds people to share with their networks and gives them a reason as to why.

2. Make Social Media Sharing Easy

Don’t ask people to share your blog content, if they find it hard to do so. We tend to complicate even simple tasks like of sharing content, especially when we can’t easily find the sharing buttons.

So instead you need to install social media buttons, which are icons that can be clicked on to share the content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media networks.

For maximum effect, you can add a call-to-action at the end of your content, to remind your readers to share the content.

You can try plugins or tools such as Social Warfare, Sumo, and many others that you can use to add sticky social click buttons. People love sharing buttons that you can click once, and the content is automatically shared. You can position the sharing buttons at the end or side of the content with a call-to-action statement. This makes it fast and easy. And you’ll get more social shares on your blog and Facebook.

You can also promote your content through your Facebook page so readers can simply share your post if they like it. But ensure that your link preview image is appealing. Use meta tags to make sure the images look good and the name, description, and URL are correct. If your posts look good on your audience’s feeds, more people are likely to share it! 

3. Create Valuable Content That’s Worth Sharing

People share content they like, that’s entertaining, valuable, and relevant. So, don’t just write something out of nowhere, and ask people to share it.

Do your math well. Find out what’s trending and at the same time, exciting. How will you do that? You'll need to know what your target audience loves and research the trending topics to make content from. Use tools like BuzzSumo or Google Trends to research trending topics in your industry.

Have this in your mind. Bad content, NO shares, and great content get shared. Put an effort of producing a piece of content that will give people goosebumps, hence more social shares.

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4. Write an Eye-Catching Headline

Take time in crafting that headline for your content, because that’s the first thing people notice. Make it enticing and captivating for people to click on and read the content. And if the content is pure gold, then you’ll really get more social media shares.

Go for clickbait-esque headlines that make people want to click the headline, and have a quick look. Odd-numbered listicles normally perform very well at grabbing viewers attention. However, don’t overuse them because people will just skip your post and go for one that has a unique headline with a message on it.

Write a super-shareable headline that pulls readers in, who after going through the content, will click the share button.

5. Know Your Target Audience

You can interact with your readers to know what they actually want. After all, you won’t give yourself the social media shares; it’s their job to do so.

You need to survey your followers and ask them what they want on the next post. There are various types of survey questions you can ask to collect insight. And from these insights, you’ll have known what your target audience is dying to have. You can also apply this information to create more targeted Instagram and Facebook ads. Publish the right type of content that interests your audience, and in return, they will give you the social media shares you want on your blog and Facebook.

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